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There is a wealth of cultural and archaeological wonders around every turn in Egypt, from the Sphinx and the pyramids at Giza to the Valley of Kings, Luxor, the Red Sea, and the Nile. Outdoor enthusiasts will relish the amazing options for water sports including diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing. For land lovers, there are a number of activities to enjoy as well, such as hiking, biking, and walking. A camel ride or a riverboat tour also tops the to-do list. For those who want a unique experience on the fairway, Egypt golf is ideal. Culture enthusiasts will also be impressed with the large variety of Egypt museums. After a long day of adventure in the sun, indulge in a celebrated relaxation treatment in one of Egypt's renowned spas.

Here are a few additional suggestions of things to do in Egypt:

  • Saqqara Pyramids: These pyramids are home to a number of celebrated structures. They include the Mastaba of Ti, the Persian Tombs, the Pyramid of Sekhemkhet, the Pyramid of Sekhemkhet and the Step Pyramid of Djoser.
  • Memphis: This was the capital of Ancient Egypt during the Middle Kingdom. The site still contains several exquisite statues and artifacts at an outdoor museum that are definitely worth a look.
  • Pyramids of Sound and Light Show: When in Cairo, a daytime visit to the Pyramids is awe-inspiring and at night during this performance, it's simply spectacular! The show includes a recorded commentary that details the country's history, illustrated by images projected on the temple's wall.
  • Egyptian Antiquities Museum: This world-renowned museum is home to the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts on the planet. There are over 120,000 items on display, including the celebrated Tutankhamen collection featuring the famous gold death mask and royal Mummy room.
  • Khan-Al-Khalili: Situated in the center of Islamic Cairo, this open-air bazaar is a popular spot with residents and visitors alike. It is a bustling and colorful space filled with exotic and unique items ranging from perfumes and spices to souvenirs and jewelry.
  • Old City: Cairo is the oldest section in the ancient center of the Coptic Christian community. All three of the world's largest monotheistic religions are represented here. The city features five original churches, the country's first mosque, and the oldest synagogue.

Egypt is known the world over for its ancient ruins and exotic desert locale. Vacation rentals are a great way to make the most of your time in this incredible country, whether you are on a family vacation, an Egypt honeymoon, or a trip with a large group of friends.