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In the spring, summer and fall, Jackson, New Hampshire offers the very best of a New England village vacation destination. There are quaint, historic and utterly charming sites in the area everywhere the eye falls, from covered red bridges, to autumn foliage, to apple orchards and grazing spotted cows. Both in and around Jackson, there are plenty of village shops to explore and historic sites to visit for guided tours.

During the winter, this area of New Hampshire becomes a mecca for skiing enthusiasts, especially those who appreciate cross-country skiing and come here in search of long stretches of secluded and beautiful trails.

Whether you enjoy the outdoors, museums, specialty shops or just relaxing far from the bustle of city life, Jackson provides a perfect getaway. Come here to explore, sample regional maple syrup or hike to a beautiful waterfall.

Here are a few additional suggestions as you plan your trip:

  • Go skiing and snowboarding: Wildcat Mountain and Black Mountain offer some of the best groomed and most pristine ski trails in the White Mountains area.
  • Hike the trails: The same areas that provide long ski runs during the winter offer beautiful scenic hiking, biking and horseback riding trails during the spring and summer months.
  • Go bird watching: Come to Jackson for bird watching opportunities and a chance to see wildlife like foxes, wild turkeys and black bear. This is also a great place for trout fishing excursions.
  • Take a sleigh ride at the Nestlenook Estate: This is an old fashioned and exhilarating way to see the farmland and pastures of Jackson in the wintertime.
  • Explore Jackson Falls: The falls are a beautiful hiking destination and also a relaxing way to splash through the heat of a summer afternoon.
  • Relax in the spa: After a long day or week of hiking, boating, rock climbing and snow shoeing along the back country trails, you may be ready to spend the day in a perfect oasis of luxury and pampering.

There are always plenty of rental options and places to stay in Jackson during any season of the year. If you're traveling with a large family, you may want to rent a charming lakeside summer condo or a vacation home where you can relax and host your friends. If you're on a romantic holiday for two, find a cozy cabin in the mountains or a vacation rental within easy reach of Jackson's restaurants, busy nightlife and live music venues.