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About Kampala

As the center of the Buganda kingdom, Kampala is the best place to understand the rich history and culture of Uganda. Find your ideal FlipKey rental and enjoy the city!

Arriving in this bustling and dynamic city may seem overwhelming, but the locals are friendly, welcoming and excited to show you their city.

Head up Nakasero Hill where you will find a high-rise business district, golf course and, of course, top international restaurants.

About Kampala

British colonists called Kampala the "Hills of the Impala" as it was teaming with wildlife. While the animals may now be gone, the seven hills of Kampala still represent the heart and soul of Uganda.

Kampala, like nearly all of East Africa, is a legacy to the British East Africa Company and the colonization that followed after the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869.

The history of Kampala and Uganda, however, dates back to prehistoric man, with archaeological evidence on display in the Uganda Museumto (which is definitely worth a visit)!

Traditional home to the Buganda people, Kampala served as their capital after unification in the 14th century.

Following independence from Britain in 1962, Kampala was, for a short time, replaced by Entebbe as the country’s capital before regaining its rightful place as the jewel in Uganda’s crown.

What to do

Visit the Mengo Palace. Originally built in 1922 for the King of Buganda, it is best known as a prison for those who opposed Idi Amin. You can't go in the house, but take a look at the underground prison.

Walk around the Kasubi Tombs, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was a burial ground for the Kings and royal family of the Buganda Kingdom.

Explore the Ugandan Museum, where they have a fine collection of fossils dating back millions of years that prove the existence of early humans in the region. The museum also has Idi Amin’s Mercedes on display, along with other personal items belonging to the late dictator. Fascinating!

Top Kampala travel tips

We suggest visiting Kampala in January and February (when it’s hot or dry) or June through to September when there's hardly any rain.

Take a Boda Boda motorcycle tour of Kampala while hanging on for your life! These knowledgeable locals know all the ins and outs of Kampala allowing you to make the best use of your time in the city.

Visit Kampala’s busy Owino Market where you can find everything from traditional crafts to the kitchen sink. It’s the ultimate flea market.

To get away from the city traffic, head to Centenary Park where you’ll find plenty of places to chill out with a cold beer and great food.

Kampala is a vibrant city and a great springboard for an unforgettable African vacation. If looking for a Kampala vacation rental to stay, FlipKey offers everything from budget to luxury.