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About Ko Chang

Koh Chang, otherwise known as 'Elephant Island', is located on the east gulf of Thailand, just on the border of Cambodia. The quirky nickname stems from the elephant-shaped headland which consists of acres of jungle, waterfalls and striking mountain backdrops. Book your Koh Chang vacation rental with FlipKey, today.

About Ko Chang

Koh Chang is Thailand's second biggest island after Phuket and has a small population of around 10,000.

Before World War Two, there weren't many people who had even heard of the island and very few residents lived within the resort itself. However, during the 1980s, the tourist industry suddenly brought it to light.

Since 2000, the island has become an extremely popular tourist destination, which has undergone positive developments over the years for visitors to enjoy.

The majority of tourist activity occurs on the west side of the island, with the east remaining solely residential. With an area covering approximately 429 square kilometers, Koh Chang consists of outstanding leafy jungles and rainforests, white sandy beaches and crystal clear waterfalls which are just waiting to be explored.

70% of the island remains completely natural and untouched; the main reason why this particular resort is a traveler's dream.

What to do

There are a wide range of activities to suit all interests in Koh Chang. Jungle trekking is a highly energetic option if you are looking for an active vacation. Or, you may decide on a more relaxed activity such as bird watching.

Koh Chang has also become a popular destination for scuba divers, which is largely down to the tourist developments on the island. There are now beginner diving sites in the Koh Chang Marine Park, or if you're more experienced, you could book in with a local diving school.

Elephant trekking is also a highly popular tourist activity, as well as snorkeling, fishing and cooking classes. If you're hoping to get a taste of the local culture, take a trip to see gorgeous waterfalls at Klong Plu, Than Mayom and Klong Neeyum. If you wish to simply unwind, take a trip to a local spa for a traditional Thai body massage.

Top Ko Chang travel tips

Before your arrival in Thailand, you'll be granted a visa by the government if arriving by plane. It's completely normal to be asked for proof of your ticket, but this is only in rare circumstances.

Luckily, you'll never run out of cash as there are a number of ATM's dotted around the island. All banks are open throughout the week and are often open on weekends during busy seasons.

If you're hoping to hop across to other islands, you could hire a bus or taxi which takes you directly to the ferry piers. However, private cars can also be hired for convenience.

Whether you're hoping to go exploring or you simply wish to unwind, a vacation to Koh Chang is an idyllic choice. The resort offers a delightful treat for everyone. To book a rental within Koh Chang, browse FlipKey’s range of available and affordable properties.