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About Lefkada

Known as Greece’s Caribbean for its amazing blue water and crystal sandy beaches, Lefkada Island is a perfect setting for a fabulous family summer vacation in the sun. No matter how big or small your family might be, FlipKey has dozens of rental properties to suit all needs.

About Lefkada, Greece

Located in the idyllic Ionian Sea, the island of Lefkada is the kind of place you hear about by word of mouth rather than the travel section of your newspaper.

Connected to the mainland region of Preveza on Greece’s west coast by a causeway, there is no need to take a ferry to access some of the most photographed beaches in Greece.

Dating back to antiquity, tourism officials suggest that Lefkada may have been the home of Homer’s Ithaca and that Odysseus was located near the town of Nydri on the south coast.

Today the 112 square mile island comes alive in summer. Around the fishing village of Nydri, you will now find more sailboats than fisherman as well as family-friendly cafes to compete with the traditional Greek tavernas.

What to do in Lefkada, Greece

Wild and untamed with towering cliffs jutting above white sand and turquoise sea, the west coast of Lefkada Island has more olive trees than people and beaches that are impossible to get to without a boat.

Geared primarily to family-style fun, your day could be spent at the beach before heading out at night to a seafront restaurant for delicious fresh fish and traditional Greek specialties.

A laid-back and friendly atmosphere does the talking on Lefkada, while the DJs are left to spin their records on the nearby party islands of Corfu and Zakynthos.

As far as activities are concerned, Lefkada is geared up for all water sports and is especially popular with wind and kite surfers taking advantage of the island’s predictable summer winds. Hiking from one village to the next is popular with people looking to get back to nature while feeling as if they have gone back in time.

Top travel tips for Lefkada, Greece

Summer is the only time to see Lefkada at is best, with many businesses only open from May till November.

Before setting off on your Lefkada vacation, stock up on €20 notes as most establishments will not accept credit cards, and depending on the time of day may not be able to break bigger notes. Avoid €100 and €200 notes at all costs as vendors are reluctant to take them due to forgeries.

For the perfect souvenir and a reminder of your time on Lefkada, stop at a roadside stall and buy some thyme-infused honey to take home as a treat.

The Ionian island of Lefkada is the perfect place to make family memories that will last a lifetime. With beautiful unspoiled beaches and water to die for, visit FlipKey to find the perfect beachside rental for your getaway.