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About Maldives

The Maldives are a series of atolls in the Indian Ocean. They are renowned for their sandy beaches, blue lagoons and coral reefs. It's truly a paradise on earth. If you love fish and seafood you'll be in culinary heaven. Find your perfect vacation rental in this fascinating destination today, right on FlipKey!

About the Maldives

The Maldives have a rich history, having first been settled in the 5th century B.C. The first settlers were Buddhist sailors from India and Sri Lanka, but these islands have been stop-offs for traders from India, Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Romans for upwards of 4,000 years. 

The Maldivians were rich in cowry shells, the currency of the time. All the Maldivians had to do was collect the shells from the beaches and they were rich!

Rice and fish are the staples of the Maldivian diet. Meat, but not pork, is eaten on very special occasions.

What makes the Maldives special are the beaches and the friendly locals. While not exciting in the conventional sense of the word, perhaps, the Maldives are wonderfully relaxing.

What to do in the Maldives

If you stay on Malé, the capital, visit the Old Friday Mosque which dates back to 1656. It is made from intricately carved white coral and is a spectacular sight to behold.

The National Museum in Malé has some interesting exhibits, although the building itself is slightly underwhelming.

Go to the fish market, adjacent to the harbor. This is a meeting place for the locals and very interesting. Usually Maldivian men go there, but female tourists can stroll through it, too. There's a fresh produce market too, selling bananas and coconuts as well as other delights. Pick up whatever looks good and enjoy a feast on the beach looking out over the impossibly blue ocean.

Of course, the great attractions of the Maldives are the beaches. Laze in a hammock between palm trees and chill. Relax and enjoy. If you feel more adventurous, why not dive and explore the coral reefs? You may be lucky enough to swim with a whale shark in the deep blue waters.

Top travel tips for the Maldives

Naturally enough, the easiest ways to get around the Maldives is by boat. Ferries only go to inhabited islands and don't take tourists to resorts. To get to these, you have to go by speedboat or seaplane—which can be quite expensive.

Because the islands are small, you can easily walk around them and explore independently. You could hire a motorbike, but only if you're confident you can drive it.

You don't have to tip on the Maldives as service charge is included in your bill. However, a tip will be much appreciated as wages are low. It’s probably best to tip in US dollars.

For a truly relaxing beach trip, go to the Maldives. Feel the sand under your feet and admire the never-ending ocean and stunning coral reefs—it really is paradise. Discover the fantastic vacation rentals available on FlipKey and start planning this once-in-a-lifetime experience today!