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About Rockaway Beach

For the best of nature, ocean and mountains, make Rockaway Beach, Oregon, your next vacation destination.

Visitors go there all year round as there is always something to do - especially if you don't mind spending time on the 7 miles of flat sand. Find a Rockaway Beach vacation rental in the heart of it all on FlipKey!

About Rockaway Beach

Visitors have been coming to Rockaway Beach, Oregon, since the early 20th century, when the first families arrived by train, long before the highways were built. Before the railway, it was a two-week journey from Portland along the Wisconsin River Trail. Now you can drive the 85 miles from Portland in just over an hour.

Pronto pups were invented in the Rockaway Beach area. The pancake-like batter was a way of solving the problem of soggy hot dog buns when it rained. Try them, they're delicious! Make sure to sample the fresh fish and seafood, too.

If you’re in Rockaway Beach on the 4th of July, you will see one of the best firework displays in the USA. The Independence Day Parade starts at 11 am and activities go on late into the night.

Complete your vacation by taking a ride on the steam engines and seeing Rockaway Beach in all its glory.

What to do

In May, there's the annual kite festival at Rockaway Beach, Oregon. Listen to live music, taste delicious food and learn how to make a kite. You can take part in various contests such as the ones for the best kite, or which kite can drag along the ground longest before taking to the air.

In June, there's the Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival, when you have the chance to dress up as a pirate. Adults can take part in the treasure hunt, and kids can join in the scavenger hunt. This takes place in downtown Rockaway Beach! 

You may be lucky and catch the Grey Whale migration, or perhaps you’d prefer to visit the museums. There's the Garibaldi Maritime Museum, the International Police museum, and the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum, and all are worth visiting.

Top Rockaway Beach travel tips

If you’re flying to Rockaway Beach, you'll land at the Port of Tillamook Bay Airport. 

There's a good bus service in the area, with deviated and fixed-route services all over the city. Some services link to Portland, Lincoln and Clatsop counties.

If you like steam engines, you can travel on the scenic Oregon coast railroad. The locomotive goes along Tillamook Bay and gives passengers great views of the ocean. Get the train from Garibaldi or Rockaway Beach in the tourist season. It's an experience you won't forget.

All the family will enjoy their vacation at Rockaway Beach, Oregon. There's the chance to laze on the beach, and with seven miles of sand, you can pick the perfect spot. Alternatively, you can have an action-packed vacation. The choice is yours.

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