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The Greek Island of Santorini was formed several thousand years ago by one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history. Now the volcano, still believed to be active, stands surrounded by spectacular multicolored cliffs. This sight draws visitors here from all over the world every year. Visitors also come to Santorini for the beautiful whitewashed Greek architecture, welcoming local culture and world class Mediterranean cuisine.

During the day, leave your vacation rental and go snorkeling or relax on Santornini's beautiful beaches. Explore the side streets and charming markets in the villages of Oia and Fira. Watch the fascinating buzz of activity around the port of Athinios. And at night, before the bars and restaurants of the island come alive with electric energy, find a place to watch a breathtaking sunset.

Here are a few additional suggestions as you plan your trip:

  • Visit the ruins of Thira: Hike the exhilarating trail to these ancient Hellenistic, Dorian and Roman ruins. From the site, witness breathtaking views of the entire island and the surrounding Aegean Sea.
  • Visit the Santorini volcano and hot springs: Take a boat trip to the site of the volcano that originally formed the island of Santorini and swim in the rejuvenating hot springs.
  • Explore the Red Beach: This beach and the red cliffs that surround it are composed of a unique form of volcanic rock that gives them a deep red, pinkish and sometimes black hue.
  • Visit the Megaro Gyzi Museum: This popular museum is housed in a 17th century family mansion and offers five fascinating exhibits of ancient manuscripts, paintings and beautiful engravings.
  • See the Panaghia Episcope: This little Byzantine church was constructed in 1115. It's still standing despite centuries of invasions and earthquakes.
  • Take a charter sailing excursion: There may be no better way to see beautiful views of the island from off the coast.

Vacation rental opportunities are widely available in Santorini, no matter what season of the year you choose to schedule your visit. Find a beautiful Mediterranean villa with views of the ocean, or look for a luxurious condo in the heart of town, close to the restaurants and nightlife. While you're visiting Santorini you may want to take boat trips to explore the other beautiful Greek islands nearby.