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About Sauble Beach

The motto of Sauble Beach is "live life slow", so if you fancy a high-octane trip round Canada, this isn't your destination.

Here, you can relax on the shores of a freshwater beach and enjoy the company of the peaceful locals. Choose your perfect Sauble Beach vacation rental with FlipKey! 

About Sauble Beach

You'll find the Sauble Beach community on the eastern shore of Lake Huron on the north edge of the Saugeen Nation.

Unsurprisingly, the focus point of this destination is the beach. At over seven miles long, it's the second longest freshwater beach in the world. It's only beaten by the nearby Wasaga Beach.

With it being so long, it is easy to find a spot away from other vacationers and enjoy the sound of water lapping against the shoreline.

You won't be disappointed when you take a dip, either. The natural sandbar deposits that form throughout Lake Huron keeps the water very shallow and warm, so this is a perfect destination to take your kids.

The family-friendly town has everything you'll need for a relaxing vacation. There are some great local restaurants and a few attractions to keep everyone entertained.

While you're there you have to try the maple syrup, of course, but also try a BeaverTail… they're the best!

What to do

Though a relaxing vacation is the aim if you visit Sauble Beach, there's also plenty to do.

It's one of the few beaches in Ontario where cars are allowed to drive and park on the sand near the water. This makes it easy to find the perfect spot! Spend the day on the beach, swimming in the fresh water and enjoying the sun.

Don't worry if it starts getting late. Watching the sunset from the beach is a must-do while you're here. The clear skies and dry atmosphere offer an unobstructed view of the skyline, allowing for beautiful sunsets to shimmer through.

There are lots of activities to try during your stay: windsurfing, water-skiing, freshwater fishing, golf, beach volleyball and, in the winter, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing!

Take a trip to Sauble Park to see where the First Nation lives, and take a trip to the Sauble Falls, too!

Top Sauble Beach travel tips

There’s no public transport in Sauble Beach, so you'll need a car to get around. 

In the summer, the community put on Family Movie Nights each week, so go along and enjoy a classic. Don't forget the popcorn!

Once a year, Sauble Beach hosts an annual sandcastle building competition. Why not try your hand while you're there?

FlipKey has several Sauble Beach vacation rentals that will make your trip here unforgettable.

Enjoy the freshwater beach and the superb Canadian small-town hospitality.