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About Seaside Heights

Famous for its boardwalk lined with amusement rides and various seaside attractions, Seaside Heights is popular with children and adults alike. If you're an adult aged 50 or over and nostalgia is your thing, then you'll love it here! Others will appreciate the adrenalin-thrill of the rides and the fun atmosphere.

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About Seaside Heights

A place for family, couples and groups of friends, Seaside Heights is all about a beach, carnival, fun and entertainment. The town itself has been made famous as the location for a US docu-type TV show called Jersey Shore.

Seaside Heights began in 1915 with the pier and carousel built by the Senate Amusement Company of Philadelphia. It grew into a top seaside resort as more rides, attractions and fast food outlets were added over the decades, reaching its height of popularity in the 1950s and 60s.

Today it still manages to capture large numbers of visitors - despite many popular attractions and Casino Pier taking a battering from Hurricane Sandy back in 2012. Recent visitors will have noticed the 1900 to 1920 section of the boardwalk under construction. This has been with the aim of opening eight new buildings in time for summer 2017.

What to do in Seaside Heights

Sample the salt water taffy, different varieties of fudge (cookie dough, salted caramel) and chocolate-covered jelly rings at Van Holten's Sweet Shop on the Casino Pier Arcade Building. You can smell the popcorn as you walk past the door, so don’t resist - make sure you go in!

Go watch one of the free movies on the beach during the summer months. If money's a bit tight, there are also free concerts and weekly fire display, too.

If you happen to be visiting in winter and are feeling brave, then you could join in the annual Polar Bear Plunge. This involves swimming into the Atlantic to raise money for participants in the Special Olympics.

If you fancy singing and dancing for your ice cream, as well as paying for it, then pop into The Music Man's Medleys Singing Ice Cream Parlor. Sit down with your ice cream and enjoy the 20-minute show. Often, the audience will be invited to join in...

Top travel tips for Seaside Heights

If heading for Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach Waterpark, you'll find the arcade is open throughout the year and the pier only from weekends during April to mid-June, then daily until Labor Day in September. Almost every attraction shuts down during winter.

You'll have to purchase a wristband, costing $8, to enter the beach area.

Sitting just under two hours’ drive from either Philadelphia or New York, it's easy to get to Seaside Heights by hire car or bus. If flying, Newark International Airport is in New Jersey and is just over an hour’s drive away.

One of New Jersey's most popular coastal towns, Seaside Heights can provide a terrific day and night for those who love amusement arcades, carnival rides and basically all the fun of the fair mixed with hanging out at the beach. There are also plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars to fuel your vacation fun.

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