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About Uganda

Often called “The Pearl of Africa”, Uganda has the best of everything Africa has to offer. Half the world’s remaining wild gorillas reside here, as do the hunter's “Big Five” wild game animals of the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and rhinoceros.

It is a country rich with nature and unspoiled sandy beaches. Once you're there you'll never want to leave – especially if you stay in one of FlipKey’s Uganda vacation rentals.

About Uganda

Most people's vision of Uganda is not a pleasant one, but they underestimate this gorgeous land. Uganda is a peaceful, stable country, with lots to offer those looking for an amazing, memorable vacation.

It's not a tourist hotspot yet, so you can enjoy a relatively quiet stay where there's plenty to be discovered.

Uganda has the tallest mountain range in Africa, the Rwenzori Mountains, so be sure to try hiking while you're there. The source of the River Nile is there too, so it's definitely worth exploring.

But it's not only the activities that are breathtaking... it's the food, too! One that's sure to make the squeamish squeal is grasshoppers. These crunchy deep-fried insects are a popular street food snack.

If that's not for you, try a Rolex (otherwise known as an omelet with onion and veg rolled up in a chapatti). Yum!

What to do in Uganda

Go trekking in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in search of the elusive mountain gorilla. You'll also have the chance to spot over 120 different mammals and over 350 bird species that call the 331-sq. km rainforest home.

The largest park in Uganda is Murchison Falls National Park. Elephants, giraffes, antelopes, buffalo, hippos and crocodiles and over 450 species of birds living in the shadow of one of the world’s most spectacular sights – where the Victoria Nile crashes into Lake Albert.

Regarded as the most beautiful lake in Uganda Lake Bunyonyi (‘place of many little birds’) contains 29 islands overlooked by towering terraced hills and unlike many other lakes in Uganda, it is crocodile and hippo free making it safe to go swimming.

Top Uganda travel tips

Visit Uganda between June and September for the least amount of rain and pleasant temperatures, and plan early to obtain the necessary visa and vaccination certificates.

Outside of the capital city, Kampala, credit cards are of no use so try and pay for all your lodging prior to arriving in Uganda.

If you need internet access, purchase a Ugandan pay as you go sim card from Orange at one of the many mobile telephone stores.

Use FlipKey to find a budget vacation rental or luxurious home in Uganda. Explore the entire country and discover the natural beauty of this part of Africa before it becomes overrun with tourists. You won’t regret it!