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About Queensland

Spending a vacation in Queensland, Australia is such a unique experience, it makes sense that it exists half a world away. Occupying Australia’s north eastern corner, Queensland is home to famous cities like Brisbane and Cairns, and of course the fabulous Gold Coast.

With world class beaches, exotic rainforests and wildlife, not to mention a party scene that you simply can not prepare for - Queensland is a playground for all types of travelers. The climate is hot in the summer and slightly less hot in winter, so if you like soaking up the sun, this is the place for you.

Some of the more popular areas to visit are:

Brisbane: For the more metropolitan travelers out there, Brisbane is your spot to visit. With 2 million residents, Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city. The “River City” is divided into distinct neighborhoods, each with its own cultural and style. The year-round subtropical setting is optimal for getting outside and being active. The city also has high culture, but with a laid back approach. No haughty city dwellers here, just friendly locals who want to show you a good time.

Cairns: Nestled up against the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is a massive tourism spot for professional and amateur divers alike. The marine life is unbeatable, and the view from above (aka in a helicopter) is worth the price. You can also explore vast rainforest in Cairns. The fishing in this area is top notch for any visitors who want to catch their own dinner.

Gold Coast: Surfer’s Paradise (literally and figuratively) has some of the wildest nightlife in Queensland, and also some waves that only the most experienced should tackle. There are numerous theme parks in this area including Sea World and Dreamworld, so it is a fantastic choice for families. Hit the iconic beaches that give this area its name, and get out of the sun by shopping or visiting cafes.

Queensland is a massive tourism destination for both local Australians and travelers from abroad. Hotels can be extremely expensive and crowded. On the other hand, the vacation rental industry is booming in Queensland and could be an ideal alternative for your party. With all the amenities of home, plus the privacy of a stand alone space, a vacation home is a much cheaper alternative when visiting. For big groups and families, you can’t beat the convenience of a vacation rental, plus you get to experience Queensland like a local, in the mix of all the action while still having a luxury experience in Australia.