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About Island of Hawaii

Hawaii's name sake island, also the largest of the chain, has some of the most unique sights for visitors. The island is made up of five separate volcanoes, of which three are active and one has been continually erupting since the late 1980s. The red hot lava that pours from the Kilauea volcano is a fascinating natural occurrence and a rarity to witness. As a result of the lava that is constantly being added to the area, the beaches on the Big Island are a Hawaiian dream! Visit the pure white ribbons of coastal Kailua-Kona, the emerald sands of the Puna region, or the black beaches of Punalu'u, each a drop of paradise.

The Big Island is more than just sandy perfection. For nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers, Hawaii offers an unparalleled mixture of elements. There is endless opportunity to explore, from the deep thickets of the rainforest to the blustery summit of the volcano peaks. The Big Island also houses the second largest waterfall in the world: Akaka Falls, a graceful giant that is simply spectacular.

Here are a few additional suggestions for your trip:

  • Go scuba diving: The reef ecosystems around the big island are fantastic places to encounter colorful fish, sea turtles, and a bewildering variety of marine life.
  • Take a surfing lesson: The glassy waves of Hawaii make this one of the most beautiful surfing destinations in the world. There are plenty of surf schools here with patient, knowledgeable instructors who can help you get started.
  • Visit Volcanoes National Park: Hike with an experienced guide and explore lava tube trails through a tropical jungle paradise of gigantic ferns and tropical flowers.
  • Stroll historic Kailua Village: Go shopping, experience the nightlife and see some of the Big Island's important historic sites in this charming seaside village.
  • Take a whale watching tour: The Big Island is a great place to charter a boat trip and have close encounters with grey whales or humpbacks depending on the season.

-Play a round of golf: Big Island Hawaii golf courses are truly champion caliber. Professional golfers come from around the world to tee off on these emerald green fairways.

For unforgettable family reunions, honeymoons, and weddings, Big Island Hawaii makes an ideal tropical destination. Make the most of your vacation in paradise by staying in your own private vacation rental. Find a trendy condo in the heart of downtown Hilo, close to the shopping and nightlife, or stay in a luxury rental home with beautiful views of the ocean. While you're planning your getaway to Big Island Hawaii, consider scheduling some time on the other beautiful islands in the chain like Oahu and Maui.