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About Lavallette

Lavallette is a quiet beach community and the best vacation spot for a bit of relaxation. Located on the Barnegat Peninsula, Lavallette boasts picturesque beaches and, according to locals, the best place to live! Search for your Lavallette vacation rental on FlipKey today to find the perfect place to stay!

About Lavallette

The earliest known inhabitants of Lavallette were the Leni-Lenape Indians, who frequented the shores for fish and shellfish. In 1614, Captain Cornelius Jacobsen May discovered Lavallette whilst sailing the Northern end of Long Island Beach.

Lavallette has two beaches and eight ocean beaches on Barnegat Bay. The beaches in Lavallette offer tourists the chance to partake in a range of activities, as well sit back and relax and enjoy the sunset.

Lavallette has a tranquil atmosphere compared to its neighboring towns, which makes the ideal spot for a family vacation.

If you're looking for a beach vacation like no other, then make sure to visit Lavallette!

What to do

Even though Lavallette is a small beach town, there is still plenty to do here! It offers tourists the opportunity to do everything including watersports and fishing.

Why not stroll along Lavallette’s boardwalk, which is just over a mile long? Unlike other New Jersey boardwalks, you won't be accosted by vendors when you're walking along and can instead get a chance to take in Lavallette's beautiful scenery.

Lavallette has many beaches where you take your beach towel and relax amongst the sandy dunes.

Go fishing and crabbing along Barnegat Bay, and don't worry about that fishing license because they're in saltwater, so you won't need one!

Why not scrub up on your golfing skills with a bit of miniature golf?

A must-do in Lavallette is The Music Man Singing Ice Cream Shoppe. You'll get to enjoy ice cream and a cabaret show at the same time!

Top Lavallette travel tips

If you plan on visiting the beach, make sure you've bought a beach badge. These can be purchased at the Beach Badge Office or from the badge checkers that frequent the beach. You can buy them each day, week or on a seasonal basis. If you’re disabled, a senior citizen or a member of the military, you can get a discount.

As mentioned, you don't need a fishing license to fish as they're in saltwater. However, if you are over 16 then you will still need to register with New Jersey’s Saltwater Recreational Registry Program. You'll avoid the $15 fee charged by the federal saltwater program in doing so.

Rain or shine, there's something in Lavallette for everyone. This quiet town is abundant in activities so you will never be bored. A nice respite from the other New Jersey towns, make sure to find your Lavallette vacation rental on FlipKey for the perfect place to stay.