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About Lombardy

One of the most famous regions of northern Italy, Lombardy is home to the magnificent peaks of the Alps, the cosmopolitan city of Milan and some of the most prolific and celebrated wineries in the country. The region is the ideal Italian destination for travelers looking for a combination of urban chic and unforgettable beauty, as Lombardy truly offers the best of both worlds.

Some of Lombardy's most popular attractions include:

  • Milan: Sharing the title of "fashion capital of the world" with Paris, Milan is Italy's second-largest city, and as such, is home to spectacular restaurants, world-class entertainment and hopping nightlife.
  • Bergamo: It's worth a trip to Bergamo just to see the town's main square or piazza.
  • Lake Como: These famous alpine lakes are ideal for taking in the beauty of the mountainous setting. The well-known villages of Bellagio and Varenna are on the shores of Lake Como, too, so be sure to bring your camera along.
  • Val Camonica: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to medieval forts and castles, sanctuaries, cathedrals, churches and ancient Roman amphitheaters. Come winter, the area transforms into a skiing hotspot.
  • The Ducal Palace of Mantova: Featuring a cycle of frescoes by the famous artist Andrea Mantegna, this palace of the Duke of Mantova is well worth a day trip, whether you're a casual or serious art aficionado.

If you're a skiing or snowboarding enthusiast, winter is one of the best times of year to visit Lombardy, Italy. The Alps mark the border between Lombardy and Switzerland, offering some of the best alpine resorts in all of Europe.

Vacation rentals are readily available throughout Lombardy, and are an excellent alternative to hotels. With more room, more privacy and all the comforts of home, Lombardy's many vacation cabins, villas, apartments and condos are ideal whether you're staying in Milan or basing yourself in the countryside.

Exploring more of Europe is easy from Lombardy. Simply head north over the Alps into Switzerland, or take a train or plane from Milan to Rome.