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About Medellin

Nicknamed the City of Eternal Spring, after its weather, Medellin has an obvious feel-good vibrancy and energy. A big cosmopolitan city that considers itself more European than Colombian, it's a city going places. Experience it for yourself by booking a Medellin vacation rental on FlipKey, today.

About Medellin

Once a city notorious for violence until the shooting of drugs baron Pablo Escobar back in 1993, Medellin has undergone a cultural revival in the past couple of decades. Now regarded as a recognizable tourist destination and one of Colombia's safest cities, it is celebrated for its public art and lively atmosphere.

During the 16th century, Medellin was called Aburra, meaning 'Painters' in Spanish and referring to the textile decorations produced by its residents. It was made the capital of the Antioquia region of Colombia back in 1826 (by which time its name had been changed to Medellio). Today, it's regarded as the country's second city.

There are high-rise apartments and offices in the city center, but also buildings with a charming 16th-century colonial style.

The local cuisine includes dishes such as Ajiaco (chicken soup with three varieties of potatoes and herbs) and Mondongo (slow-cooked tripe with vegetables).

What to do

Book a tour to learn about the city's most famous son, the 'Robin Hood'-type figure and drugs baron, Pablo Escobar. This encompasses three separates sites, ending with a visit to his gravestone outside Medellin.

See how coffee is produced at the Colombian coffee plantations in the nearby town of Jardin. A tour involves coffee tasting, as well as a visit to a local coffee bar.

Visit the Parque Botero and admire the 23 bronze sculptures created by the country's most celebrated artist Fernando Botero.

Stroll around downtown and enjoy the atmosphere created by colorful street performers, musicians and graffiti artists.

Get a bird's eye view of downtown Medellin and the outlying shantytowns by hitching an inexpensive ride on the city's celebrated Metro Cable System.

Check out the gorgeous orchid display at the Jardín Botánico if there in March/April. Otherwise, just appreciate the 600-different species of trees and plants.

Top Medellin travel tips

For free internet use try the Biblioteca España (public library) where you'll find three floors of computers you can use.

Always haggle when buying an item from a street vendor, especially clothing and jewelry, as they expect you to, and will put the initial price artificially high.

This fun and lively city has dusted itself down and become more than respectable over the past two decades. The sunshine is still there, as are the lush green rainforests and bird sanctuaries. And it's not touristy yet either. Stay here in comfort with a FlipKey vacation rental.