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About Sunshine Coast

Not many destinations can boast beaches, lakes and mountains, but the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia has all three!

With FlipKey, you'll be able to find the perfect getaway spot. Whether it's a lakeside cottage or a luxurious apartment, we have a Sunshine Coast vacation rental for you.

About Sunshine Coast

Just a short plane or ferry ride away from Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast is a place for adventure and excitement.

Green forests line this section of the coast, which stretches 180K km from Langdale to Lund. Within lies hiking trails, campsites and more to keep you entertained on your action-packed vacation!

As with many regions in Canada, the Sunshine Coast feels independent from the rest of the country. However, the communities of Roberts Creek, Gibson, Sechelt and Powell River often band together for celebrations - make sure you look at their calendars before you go!

The Squamish, the Sechelt and Sliammon First Nations were first to live in the area, and their descendants are still there today. Find out more about their history in one of the museums, and visit the authentic totem poles.

What to do in the Sunshine Coast

This is THE place to go if you love outdoor sports. 

Start your adventure with a hike along the famous Sunshine Coast Trail, or paddle along the Powell Forest Canoe Route to see British Columbia in all its glory.

If you fancy a break, take a look at the Powell River Historic Townsite! There are over 400 original buildings within the borders of the 1910 town and you can discover the mill town's roots.

Try camping in Mount Richardson Provincial park, but look out for the locals. This part of Canada has everything from black squirrels to black bears!

There’s also biking routes, golf and (in the winter) lots of snow sports for you to enjoy!

All of the activities are sure to help you build up an appetite, so make sure you try Poutine while you're out there!

Top Sunshine Coast travel tips

While you're out on your Canadian adventure, here are some things to keep in mind:

Generally speaking, tip between 10% - 15% for restaurants and taxis, and up to $5.00 for room service.

If you want to plan some fun activities, head to one of the Visitor Centers in town. They'll have some great ideas and may even be able to get you discounted rates.

Final tip: don't feed the animals. Even the cute ones! Outside urban areas, black bears are pretty common, so it could be worth getting a bear bell!

The Sunshine Coast has a lot to offer adventurers from all over the world. Use FlipKey to find the perfect vacation rental for you to wind down after an action-packed day.