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With great cultural attractions, a wide range of dining options, and some of the friendliest locals you could hope to find, Galway has everything you need for a perfect vacation getaway. Watch some of the best theater in Ireland at one of the playhouses, dig through the boutique shopping and high-end fashions of Eyre Square, or spend a leisurely afternoon people watching at the Promenade in Salthill.

Be sure to make time for some of these great attractions during your stay in Galway:

  • Spanish Arch: Spend the afternoon with locals in this park containing ancient ruins.
  • Galway City Museum: This museum focuses on the history of Galway itself, but also has plenty of artifacts and exhibits that relate to the broader Irish culture.
  • Town Hall Theatre: Check out the theater and musical performances held here regularly throughout the year.
  • Galway Atlantaquaria: This unique attraction perfectly recreates the animal and plant life that can be found along the Irish coast.
  • Medieval Banqueting Hall: Located right in the middle of the city center, this hall is filled with excavated ruins and makes for a wonderful historical attraction.

As a leading cultural city in Europe, Galway has many events and festivals celebrating its history and heritage. Check out Galway's vibrant arts scene during the Galway Arts Festival in July, the great food and drink in the area during the Clarenbridge Oyster Festival in September, or get ready for an all-night party throughout the city during the St. Patrick's Day festivities held in March.

No matter what time of year you visit, there is a vacation home that will meet your every need. Rent a luxury condo in the middle of Eyre Square or a spacious vacation rental situated in the rolling Irish countryside for your stay in Galway.

Galway also has plenty of inexpensive city buses that can get you where you need to go both in the area and around Western Ireland. If you want to explore the rest of Western Ireland, head to the historical Cliffs of Moher or take a ferry to the nearby Aran Islands, both of which are an hour journey from Galway.