Vacation Rentals & House Rentals in Ireland

About Ireland

Lovingly referred to as "The Emerald Isle," Ireland is one of Europe's most enchanting destinations. This warm and friendly country is known for its small towns, Gaelic culture, lovely seascapes, and historic architecture. Dublin, the country's capital, is a cosmopolitan city with Georgian architecture, interesting museums, and a lively nightlife. Dublin can be a wonderful place to start your journey around Ireland, or a destination in itself.

Outside of the capital, Ireland is decidedly less urban. Across the country, rolling hills of green grass are dotted with small villages and grazing sheep. Here and there, the ruins of a monastery or the stone turrets of a castle rise over the meadows, lending an undeniable majesty to the landscape. In some small towns, the Gaelic language is still spoken, while the country's Celtic heritage is preserved in its musical traditions. Simply enjoying the unique Irish atmosphere is what attracts most visitors to this country. There is no greater pleasure than a pleasant stroll along the bluffs in Donegal or stopping in for a hearty Irish meal at a country pub in Cork. As many visitors will tell you, the Irish people are as warm as their hills are green.

When planning a trip to Ireland, consider visiting:

  • Killarney: This scenic city is situated in Kerry County, a typically Irish region of lakes, fields, and national parks.
  • Connemara: Located in Galway, the Connemara Loop is an enchanting coastal highway that will take you past charming little towns and breathtaking landscapes.
  • Clonmacnoise: Take a fascinating tour of the ruins of an 11th and 12th century monastery, situated along the banks of the Shannon River.

Ireland can be a wonderful destination for the whole family, especially if you find a vacation rental that will accommodate your whole group. For a taste of true Ireland, a charming cottage or cozy cabin rental in one of the country's small towns can be an unforgettable way to spend your vacation. For the most romantic option, seek out an oceanfront villa overlooking the sea. Those who like urban pleasures should consider a condo or apartment rental in the cities of Cork, Dublin, or Galway, where you can enjoy local culture from the comfort of your own space.