Vacation Rentals & Villas in Cyprus

About Cyprus

Thanks to its beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean Sea and historical landmarks throughout the island, as well as an increasingly large nightlife scene, Cyprus has become an enormously popular holiday destination for travelers both in Europe and around the world.

During your stay in Cyprus, be sure to make time for some of these must-see attractions and destinations:

  • Nicosia: The capital of Cyprus has much to see, including the Venetian walls surrounding the city and the "green line," the dividing line with the Turkish part of Cyprus.
  • Troodos Mountains: The mountains have several walking trails available and you can tour the villages of Kakopetria and Phini there.
  • See the archaeological sites: Cyprus is home to many historic archaeological locations. These sites date from the New Stone Age all the way through to the Roman Empire.
  • Explore the coastline: Considered to be among the most beautiful in Europe, much of the coastline in Cyprus is still completely unspoiled and serves as a great place to spend a day or two exploring.
  • Hamam Omerye: Located in Nicosia, this building dates back to the 14th century and has been restored as a place for residents to enjoy and relax in.
  • Try the local cuisine: Some of the main staples are meze, equivalent to Spanish tapas; halloumi, a Cypriot cheese; and taramosalata, made out of cod or carp roe.

The weather in Cyprus is typically Mediterranean with hot summers and mild winters. Some of the main festivals on the island include the Flower Festival in May, a celebration of the wide variety of floral plants on the island; the Ancient Greek Drama Festival in July and August, a three day festival of some of the classic Greek plays; and the Festival of Arts in September and October, featuring the works of local Cyprian artists.

No matter what time of year you visit, a vacation rental is the preferred option for those staying on the island of Cyprus. Book a luxury villa rental or apartment rental right along the coast for an unforgettable vacation experience.