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About Las Terrenas

Boasting white sand beaches and tall palm trees, Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic is classically Caribbean. What other reason do people go on vacation other than beach perfection? FlipKey has the ideal property for you, so you won't have to wander too far to get to these incredible beaches.

About Las Terrenas

This sleepy town is located on the northeastern coast of the Samaná Peninsula and was discovered by the Europeans, primarily the French. Las Terrenas actually derives from the French 'la terrienne' which translates to 'the landlord'.

Once a fisherman's village, it has now grown into Samaná's main tourist destination.

There is a strong European presence in the town, much of which can be seen through its local cuisine. You'll be able to sample dishes such as beef carpaccio, but also Dominican staples such as rice and beans.

Despite this influence, everything is effortlessly blended with the local island culture.

With endless beaches, Las Terrenas makes for the best vacation spot for families, independent travelers or beach vacations with friends. You can easily use the beach to go from one part of the town to the other, and watch the sea alternate from green to blue along the way.

What to do in Las Terrenas

Despite it being a small town, there is plenty to do in Las Terrenas!

If you're lucky enough to visit Las Terrenas between January and March, you'll be able to go whale watching in Bahía de Samaná. Several tours offer hydrophones that will allow you to listen to the whale song, too.

You can take up surfing lessons on Playa Bonita, which are offered all year round.

Cascada el Limón is a 165-foot waterfall, showing off a crystal-clear swimming pool at the bottom. You'll be able to visit by horseback, and tours are available in town. Trust us: you’ll never forget it.

Las Terrenas is a party town, especially at the weekends where you can catch all the fun at the night market on the waterfront. Keep an eye out for home-brewed rum by the gallon.

Top travel tips for Las Terrenas

If you plan on traveling to El Limón by horseback, then be sure to book your tour in town. Don't hire the paradas from the street, as their service can be inconsistent.

You can walk to most places in Las Terrenas, as it will take at most a half hour to get from one end of the town to the other. There are also motoconchos - motorcycle taxis - available.

Las Terrenas is blessed with good weather all year round with an average of 77 degrees Fahrenheit, so no need to worry about packing long pants!

This beachfront town with its multicultural vibe is the best place to unwind and escape the toil of day to day life.

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