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About Bocas del Toro Province

Bocas del Toro Province, Panama

A true Caribbean paradise, these islands offer gorgeous white sun-kissed beaches, transparent, warm waters and incredibly-colored marine life. There's national parks to visit and a restaurant on stilts above water to dine at. Why wouldn't you come here? Book your Bocas del Toro vacation rental today with FlipKey.

About Bocas del Toro Province

A laid-back archipelago with a friendly and laid-back Caribbean feel, Bocas del Toro consists of one mainland and nine islands, and is just off Panama.

The capital, Bocas del Toro on Colon Island, was built to house workers of the United Fruit Company back in the early 1900s. Because of this, the airport is just five minutes’ walk from the town's main street, and the town itself a mere 20 minutes’ walk from end to end.

Unlike other areas of the Caribbean, Bocas del Toro's low southern latitude means it isn't prey to hurricanes. But it still has those gorgeous tropical white sandy beaches and transparent calm azure blue waters that are a magnet for sun worshipers and those who love their watersports.

Christopher Columbus visited Bocas del Toro back in 1502. Today, most residents still find it easier to get about by boat rather than motorized transport.

What to do

Explore as many of the neighboring islands as you can on a motorboat trip.

See how much wildlife, such as adorable sloths and capuchin monkeys, you can spot by visiting the Monkey Farm Botanic Garden. It's 10 hectares of 'trained' rainforest which also contains some incredibly exotic birds.

Cycle around 10 miles from the town of Bocas del Toro to the village of cattle farmers known as Colonia Santena where you can go caving in waist-high water while looking for bats in La Gruta.

See if you can spot any finger nail-sized red frogs on Red Frog Beach in the Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park. At the same time, snorkel to spot parrotfish and angelfish. Look out for leatherback turtles on Playa Larga Beach.

Dine at Crawl Cay Restaurant (a series of huts on stilts above the water) and snorkel while the cook prepares your food.

Top Bocas del Toro travel tips

Cross island buses between Boca del Drago and Bocas del Toro town run six times a day, take an hour and cost $2.50. You can hire canoes and motor boats on the waterfront, but make sure the owner comes back for you by only paying him on the return journey.

Always cover up, even when coming or going to the beach. It's against the law not to.

Hot and dry, tropical and colorful, Bocas del Toro is a stunning resort and one which you won't forget in a hurry. Actually, you won't do anything here in a hurry, such is the leisurely pace of the islanders! Chill out and join them with a FlipKey vacation rental.