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About Ghana

Having escaped the ravaging wars of its West African neighbors, you often hear Ghana referred to as “Africa’s Golden Child”.

And it's true! With its gorgeous beaches and a rich, vast hinterland full of exotic wildlife, Ghana offers visitors the chance to see Africa at her best.

Add to that vibrant buzzing cities, a rich culture and a cuisine that will have you at first bite and you will wonder how it has escaped the tourist map. But don’t worry – FlipKey has plenty of places for you to stay.

About Ghana

Ghana has lots of opportunities for visitors to explore different areas and find out more about the country.

The coastal forts serve as reminders of the unhappy past of the country that includes the West African Slave trade.

Ghana has seen many rulers in its time, and all have left their mark. However, in 1957, the new State of Ghana was the first African colony to gain independence, a much-celebrated date in the Ghanian calendar.

Though the city is a vibrant metropolis, just look outside the main streets and you'll see quaint market towns and villages, as well as the vast wilderness that is home to so many animals.

What to do in Ghana

There are many places to visit in Ghana.

Accra – the capital – is a great place to start. Explore the food, the culture and the nightlife while you're there. The National Museum is a great place to learn more about the country as a whole.

Drive to the coast, and visit the forts so you can be aware of the country's past. Then enjoy the beaches and just chill to the sounds of local music while dining on succulent shrimp with an ice-cold drink.

Nature lovers can trek the hills and waterfalls of the Volta region being sure to visit the spectacular 400m high Wli Falls and nearby Agumatsa Wildlife sanctuary.

Mole National Park is, for many tourists, the reason they come to Ghana. Visitors can see elephants gathering at waterholes while monkeys swing through the forest above. Don't forget your camera!

Also nearby is the town of Larabanga, famous for its stick and mud built 15th-century mosque. Another must-see!

Top Ghana travel tips

Before you decide to visit Ghana, you must apply at the Ghanaian Embassy in for a visa and make sure you have a yellow fever certificate.

To get around the country, take advantage of the amazing bus network and look out for air-conditioned STC and VIP buses that are on the main tourist travel routes.

One visit to Ghana may not be enough once you experience its many delights. Whether it is at a beach resort or a lodge in the Upper Volta, FlipKey has got you covered.