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About Holetown

This beautiful resort overlooks the warm Caribbean Sea which, in turn, provides the backdrop for amazing sunsets and fantastic beach trips. The tropical temperatures, laid-back vibe and sheer friendliness of the locals is reason enough to come here on holiday. But add the rum distillery tours, and it gets even more tempting.

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About Holetown, Barbados

Sitting on the west side of Barbados, Holetown was the island's first-ever settlement. It was the English who landed and originally called the area Jamestown after King James I, who was king of England in 1625. It was later renamed after the stream which runs nearby called The Hole.

Today, it's regarded as a luxury vacation idyll and is home to many five star hotels, upmarket villas and gourmet restaurants. It's also the location for McGill University's Bellairs Research Institute which studies tropical marine habitats. See what you can discover during your stay here.

What to do in Holetown, Barbados

Try the Friday Night Fish Fry Party at the nearby village of Oisin, where you'll find some lively Caribbean music to dance to after dining. It’s the perfect way to socialise with the locals and soak up the fun atmosphere.

Arrive in February and you should catch the Holetown Festival. The town takes on a carnival atmosphere to mark the first settlers' landing, with events such as a Floodlight Tattoo Parade and Seaside Theatre lasting throughout the week.

Go out to sea on a guided tour in one of the many glass bottom boats. You'll be able to swim or snorkel with turtles and colorful fish all afternoon, then afterwards enjoy a rum punch or two when you've returned to the boat.

Go to Folkestone Beach where you can sunbathe, swim and enjoy a beer from the cold shack conveniently located there. Everyone loves a day relaxing on a beautiful beach as part of the perfect Barbados vacation.

Provided you're not of a vegetarian persuasion, pop on over to Roti Den and try the goat curry if you've never had it before. It's delicious and a local delicacy.

Top travel tips for Holetown, Barbados

Enjoy driving around the island in a hire car, but don't bother consulting any maps. They're not particularly accurate and few villages have name signs anyway. It’s more a case of exploring and seeing where you end up.

You can also get around the island on one of the small yellow buses. This is incredibly cheap—at just approximately $1 for a round trip—and a great way to meet the locals and hear laidback reggae music.

It’s worth knowing that the sea on the east has extremely strong undercurrents and is considered too dangerous to swim in. If you like a swim in the sea, stick to the waves on the west coast.

A beautiful resort with friendly, welcoming people, the Caribbean Sea and beaches to die for, Holetown really does take some beating as a holiday destination. Barbados as a whole is a fascinating island with plenty of documented history and all locations within easy driving or bussing distance of Holetown.

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