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About Martinique

Martinique is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. The still-active volcano, Mont Pelée, sits atop this sophisticated island which is the playground of international celebrities.

Martinique has amazingly beautiful beaches and the cuisine is a gastronomic delight. Find out where to stay on FlipKey by searching our extensive range of vacation rentals.

About Martinique

When Columbus first saw Martinique, it was called Madinina - the island of flowers. It was populated by Caribs.

In 1635, the first French settlers arrived and founded what would become Martinique's capital, St. Pierre. However, the British took control of the island during the period 1794 to 1815.

St Pierre was devastated when Mont Pelée erupted in 1902. After that, the capital was moved to Fort-de-France.

Martinique's culture is a blend of French and Caribbean. The inhabitants regularly take a siesta in the afternoon, with businesses opening later in the evening.

If you can, visit Martinique during Carnival, or 'Veval', as it is called on the island. It is held just before Lent and is a fascinating time to visit.

Food on Martinique is a blend of African, French, Caribbean and South Asian cuisines. Try boudin (a local sausage) and accras de morue (salt cod fritters) to really feel like a local.

What to do in Martinique

Swim and sunbathe at Grande Anse des Salines, named because of the salt pond at the back of the beach. Why not try Plage Anse d'Arlet Bourg as well? This is a very beautiful beach. While you are there. take the opportunity to visit the sea-facing church.

Fort-St. Louis is once again open to the public, and is a must-see site, dating back to 1640. Buy tickets from the Tourist Information kiosk at La Savanne. Try not to go there when cruise boats are docked to avoid disappointment.

The Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon, was born in Les Trois-Îlets on Martinique and today you can visit the house in the former sugar plantation where she was born. The house is now the Pagerie Museum. Combine a tour of the house with a day at the beach, doing water sports or sun-bathing.

Find out more about the local culture by visiting the museum, Maison de la Canne, originally a sugar refinery and rum distillery.

Top travel tips for Martinique

There are some buses in the area around Fort-de-France, but other parts of Martinique are served by minivans, marked ‘TC’ (taxis collectifs). Look for signs saying ‘arrêt de bus’. These are bus stops. Some signs have pictures of buses on them to help you find your way around.

Instead of going by road, you can take a vedette (a ferry) to Fort-de-France from resort areas.

Renting a car is cheaper than you might expect on Martinique and it is a convenient way of seeing the island. Motorbikes are also for hire. There are also taxis, but these can be pricey. Between 8pm and 6am a surcharge is added.

For a fantastic vacation on the chicest island in the Caribbean, go to Martinique and join the jet-set. Go in May or June if you can. However, try to avoid going in August and September, when it's wet and there might be hurricanes. 

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