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About Sandpoint

Situated between three mountains and sitting next to Lake Pend Oreille, Sandpoint is full of adventure and nature. It’s often said that the 'beautiful pace' makes this destination completely idyllic. If you're looking to find a Sandpoint vacation rental, browse and book on FlipKey.

About Sandpoint

Sandpoint is the largest town in Bonner County, Idaho. Voted 'most beautiful town in America' in 2012 by USA Today, it’s surrounded by the mountains of Selkirk, Cabinet and Bitterroot.

In the 1800s, timber harvesting and railroads were the main source of industry within the area, but it’s now become a highly appraised tourist spot, receiving thousands of visitors each year.

This destination offers plenty of fun for all tastes; from those who love a sense of the outdoors, to the vast amount of cultured galleries museums and eateries. What makes this an idealized resort is that it has a quaint, small-town vibe rather than a busy resort atmosphere. The destination is lined with pine and maple trees, dotted with architectural buildings which may cast your mind back to the more simpler times in life and pulls you away from the rush of the 21st century.

What to do

Sandpoint is extremely rugged, which makes for fantastic outdoor opportunities. You may decide to hike or even bike through the mountain forestry, or sail around Lake Pend Oreille to spectate the town from afar.

During the winter months, Sandpoint is extremely popular for skiing, snowboarding and sledding; suitable for beginners and the more advanced.

Long Bridge is also a fabulous bike path, despite being built for traffic purposes. It's a two-mile, flat road which will take you through the scenic countryside; or you may decide on some of the horseback rides which can be organized by local companies.

The Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge in Sandpoint is around 30 miles away, but is well worth the trip. 

Top Sandpoint travel tips

One of the great things about traveling around Sandpoint is that it's completely free when you catch the SPOT (Selkirk-Pend Oreille Transit) bus. So, there really isn't a necessity to hire a car once you land into Sandpoint. However, there are plenty of car rentals within the town, should you wish to travel on your own accord.

Depending on the time of year you choose to go, Sandpoint has a yearly calendar which hosts the festivals and activities taking place within certain months and seasons. This is down to the fluctuation of temperatures... the winter is extremely cold and the summer is dry and hot.

Take a trip to Sandpoint for a taste of the outdoors with plenty of cultural opportunities to explore. You'll never be closer to the beauty of nature than in this picturesque little town, which awaits to be explored. Book your vacation rental with FlipKey today for your Sandpoint vacation!