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About Seven Mile Beach

With a backdrop so picturesque, you can almost forgive Seven Mile Beach for only being six-and-a-bit miles long.

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About Seven Mile Beach

You'll find Seven Mile Beach on the west side of Grand Cayman, the largest of the three Cayman Islands in the Caribbean.

This crescent-shaped beach is known for being one of the best in the Caribbean and is the busiest spot on the island. But don't be put off! The beach is so big, there's always a spot for you, your towel, and maybe an umbrella to keep cool under.

People flock to the area to take advantage of the surf, the sand, the first-class restaurants and millionaire villas that have popped up over the last few decades.

However, dig a little deeper and you'll see remnants of the area that was discovered by Christopher Columbus way back in 1503. You'll probably spot some other influences, too. The Caymans were once grouped with Jamaica and were a British colony until it gained its independence in 1962.

You'll find lots of unusual foods to try out here. Caymanas, the Carib for marine crocodile, is a special treat, but more often than not turtle meat is on the menu. You'll also find plenty of fish, especially conch, served in stews, fried or raw with lime juice and onions. 

What to do

A mecca for divers and those who love to snorkel, Seven Mile Beach has a coral reef surrounding it that attracts turtles and tropical fish.

On a Stingray City tour, you can actually stroke the fish without fear of being stung! Starfish Snorkel is another 'must see' if you love getting up close and photographing aquatic life. Both are excellent for little ones.

Experience the island from a bird's perspective by signing up with one of the two parasailing companies. Book a rum distillery tour or, for those with a sweet tooth, visit to the Tortuga Rum Cake Factory in West Bay. Go sailing on a glass bottom boat, or try an underwater submarine trip around George Town Harbor where you may even spot the odd shark. History buffs will also appreciate the old ruins at Bodden Town and the Old Homestead's traditional Caymanian Cottage.

Top Seven Mile Beach travel tips

Seven Mile Beach can become incredibly busy during peak tourist season, so get there early to grab yourself a decent spot.

Look for the sign near the airport on Little Cayman declaring 'Iguanas have the right of way'. It's a great introduction to the area!

A taxi from the airport costs $18 dollars, it's the easiest way to travel since public buses don't always have room for a lot of luggage and, with poor air conditioning, can prove sweltering.

Surround yourself in nature and luxury by visiting Seven Mile Beach. Here, you can combine education with beach fun, by teaching your kids about the underwater marine kingdom that they can paddle in.

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