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About Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach, Jamaica is not what you expect to come across on a Caribbean vacation. In essence, it is the real Jamaica. There aren't any gimmicky hotels or hustlers—it’s authentic in every way.

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About Treasure Beach

Found on Jamaica’s south coast, Treasure Beach is the name given to four coves—Great Bay, Billy’s Bay, Frenchman’s Bay and Calabash Bay.

Treasure Beach is, in fact, a string of sleepy fishing villages that practice sustainable local development through farming fishing and eco-tourism.

Legend has it that a ship full of Scottish sailors was shipwrecked in the area back in the 19th century, leaving behind a legacy of fair skinned, green-eyed locals with red hair. Whether true or not, the citizens of Treasure Beach have a strong community spirit and are fiercely proud of being Jamaican.

What you will not find in Treasure Beach is any resemblance to a resort and a distinct lack of para-sailing, jet skis and extravagant nightlife.

What you will find, however, is six miles of beautiful beaches lapped by warm tropical water where you can swim, body surf and just chill out.

What to do in Treasure Beach

As a place to escape the madding crowd, Treasure Beach is perfect. But when you feel like you want to go out and explore the area, you can do that too. Go horseback riding along the beach or into the interior to watch people go about their daily lives.

As far as day trips are concerned, you have lots of choices. One of the most popular tours is a trip to Dunn's River Falls near Ocho Rios. The 600-foot falls offer a refreshingly cool dip and make for excellent photographs and breathtaking scenery.

Visit the capital, Kingstown, to visit Bob Marley’s house and then the pirate haven of Port Royal known in the 17th century as the “wickedest city on earth” (Pirates of the Caribbean fans know what it's about!).

Other top tours include a trip to a Blue Mountain coffee plantation and a visit to Appleton’s Rum Distillery. Both are worth tearing yourself away from the beach for.

Top travel tips for Treasure Beach

There is never a bad time to visit Treasure Beach, but being in the Caribbean it's worth tracking Hurricanes during the summer months.

Jamaica has a cuisine all of its own that has developed by integrating many different cultures. Curried goat, fried plantains, salt cod and peas and rice will be on just about any menu. Don’t be put off by how a restaurant might look from the outside as the food could be spectacular.

No need to pack any formal wear as casual and comfortable are the fashion statements around Treasure beach.

If sitting on your veranda with a Red Stripe beer looking up at the stars and wondering about what a lot of nothing you will do tomorrow, then Treasure Beach is for you. To find the perfect rental property, visit FlipKey where they have dozens to choose from.