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About Scotland

Scotland is a picturesque and charming land with a fascinating Celtic heritage and wonderful historic sites. Occupying the northern British Isles, Scotland is quite distinct from England and Wales. Here, you will find that age-old Scotch tradition are alive and well, from bagpipes and Celtic folklore, to traditional foods like haggis and shortbread.

Built along the green hillsides of central Scotland, the capital of Edinburgh is a delightful city, replete with medieval architecture, stone castles, and enchanting narrow streets. Visit during one of the city's international festivals and you will find Edinburgh alive with music and the arts. Though less celebrated than Edinburgh, consider a visit to the northern city of Glasgow, an increasingly popular destination. Like Edinburgh, Glasgow has wonderful architecture, museums, and history, complimented by a very contemporary and youthful spirit.

Outside the cities, the mysteriously beautiful and fog-shrouded countryside in the Scottish Highlands seem a fitting backdrop for the haunting strains of the bagpipe. With its misty weather and abundant agriculture, Scottish food is pleasingly hearty and fresh, with a surprisingly delicious range of vegetables grown within the country. While you are here, try smoked salmon, wonderful local cheeses, or a Scotch pie accompanied by Scotland's famous malt whiskey, or Scotch. Many distilleries even offer tours of their facilities, where you can pick up a bottle of rare Scotch for friends at home. Scotland is also a great place to shop for traditional clothing, especially fine wool sweaters and scarves, kilts, and the famous Scottish tartan.

When planning your trip to Scotland, keep these destinations in mind:

  • Outer Hebrides: Also called the Western Isles, the Outer Hebrides is a beautiful archipelago of islands on Scotland's Atlantic coast, dotted with tiny towns.
  • Isle of Skye: This mysterious island offers one of Scotland's most unforgettable landscapes.
  • Inverness: This charming sea village is a great jumping off point for trips around the lochs of the Scottish Highlands.
  • Shetland Islands: Scotland's distant northern islands have a Scandinavian heritage, beautiful natural scenery, and abundant birds and wildlife.

When visiting Scotland, live like the locals in a cozy cabin along the lakes and glens of the Highlands, or look for a comfortable vacation rental on one of Scotland's picturesque islands. To explore the chic cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, many prefer an apartment rental or modern condo in the downtown district. During the summer, come home to a private beach house on Scotland's beautiful shores. From there, you can explore the unique culture of rural Scotland, while enjoying some of Europe's most pristine and unusual wilderness.