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Rich in history, Lewes, DE is labeled 'The First Town In the First State, and is one of the Delaware's top summer destinations. Walk from your vacation home to Lewes Beach, situated where the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay converge. Spend your days fishing, swimming and relaxing on the Atlantic's shores, then return home at night to a full kitchen, perfect for family dinners and barbeques. Originally a Dutch whaling town and trading post, much of Lewes unique history lies in its historic downtown- tight-knit and great for walking and exploring. Because there is no sales tax in Delaware, shopping is must. Enjoy quaint antique and surf shops, as well as unique specialty shops around the area. Perfect for families, Pirates of Lewes Expeditions takes kids on a unique pirate ship charter adventure that details Lewes' history and the legends of Black Beard, Blue Skin and other infamous pirates. Features include water cannons, face painting, sailor sashes, treasure maps, and more. Spend a day at Nassau Valley Vineyards, the first and only award winning winery in Delaware. Self-guided and wine tastings are free and available throughout the year. Boasting one of the most unique winery tours in the North America, Nassau Valley invites guests on a self-guided museum tour that chronicles the 8,000 year history of wine that concludes with the way wine is made today.