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About Province of Limon

Warm, clear waters and pristine white sands lined with coconut trees… no wonder Limon is regularly referred to as 'the ultimate tropical paradise.'

A Caribbean island with lush green mangrove wetlands overshadowed by the impressive Cordillera de Talamanca mountain range, Limon pretty much comes with everything in terms of scenic beauty.

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About the Province of Limon

A stopping-off point for the explorer Christopher Columbus back in 1502—with many modern cruise ships still dropping off passengers here toda—Limon nestles between Nicaragua and Panama in the Caribbean Lowlands. It's beautiful, quiet beaches stretch for around 125 miles, while its noisy and bustling capital takes its name from the island itself, Puerto Limon.

Less of a tourist trap than other Caribbean spots, it's less developed than other islands. Nevertheless, this Afro-Caribbean island does have a culture it likes to show off to visitors via museums, national attractions and unusual architecture.

The island takes care to protect endangered species and has both a Turtle and a Sloth Sanctuary. The latter involves a canoe trip to watch the sloths in their natural habitat, while the turtles can be spotted nesting on the beach at Tortuguero National Park in the north of the island.

What to do in Limon, Costa Rica

You might be lucky enough to see a sloth hanging from a palm tree in Parque Vargas in Puerto Limon. Certainly you will spot a statue of the town's 'founding father' Christopher Columbus.

If you fancy a boogie while in Puerto Limon, then head for the nightclub at Ninja's Bar or the top floor of the Hotel Acon for some reggae and salsa action. Beforehand, try out some local Caribbean dishes such as a meat, rice, beans and plantain offering called Casados, or Sopa de Mondongo (tripe soup and vegetables).

The most popular beaches on the island—and where you'll find restaurants and bars shading under palm trees—are at Manzanillo, Puerto Viejo and Playa Bonita.

Go for a swing down the Rainforest Ariel Tramway at the Port in Puerto Limon. You'll get a fantastic bird's eye view of the Braulio Carrillo National Park and its wildlife.

Top travel tips for Limon, Costa Rica

Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose is the nearest airport to Puerto Limon. Take a half-hour taxi ride to the Caribe Bus terminal in San Jose for around $19, or catch a red and white bus to San Jose domestic bus terminal at the airport for just $1 (it's then a five-minute taxi ride to the Caribe terminal for $2).

Visit during the second week in October and you'll hit the annual festival 'Carnaval'. This means plenty of food, dancing and music—10 days’ worth, in fact!

Also, it's a good idea to carry a rain lightweight poncho—even in the dry season.

Limon is a beautiful island that offers the quiet wonder of nature in its tropical forests and white sandy beaches, yet also boasts the color and vibrancy of a bustling town in its capital city. Be sure to visit before the secret gets out and developers arrive! 

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