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Negril, Jamaica, is a laid-back Caribbean paradise, with a perfect beach and a decidedly mellow attitude. Known as Seven Mile Beach, the Negril shoreline is among the most beautiful in Jamaica. This long stretch of powdery white sand and verdant green palm trees dips gently into calm turquoise water. On the west end of the beach, the white Negril lighthouse marks the westernmost point in Jamaica. It's relaxing to swim along Negril's tranquil coast, which is filled with tropical fish and marine life. You can explore the bounty of the tropical waters with a snorkeling mask and flippers, or rent a glass bottom boat to give you a tour of the reefs.

Located just west of Jamaica's famous Montego Bay, Negril remains delightfully less developed, without the large skyscrapers and shopping malls that define other famous tourist destinations. It is easy to walk around town without the use of an automobile, though most people find their gait has slowed to a pleasing stroll after a few days in Negril. In the evening, the energy picks up, as Negril's main strip of restaurants and bars is filled with jovial visitors enjoying the warm island night.

Most that come to Negril spend their time relaxing on the beach and hanging out with other vacationers at the many laid-back cafes and bars along the waterfront. However, adventure sport enthusiasts will not be disappointed with the range of activities available in Negril. Here, you'll find plenty of tour operators offering parasailing, kayaking, windsurfing, and snorkeling gear.

In addition to Seven Mile Beach, Negril offers a number of other attractions:

  • Bloody Bay Beach: Although you may never grow tired of Negril's main beach, it is still worth a trip to this lovely and secluded shore.
  • Long Bay Beach Park: Another beautiful yet quiet stretch of sand near Negril, Long Bay Beach Park provides a lovely respite to the energy on Seven Mile Beach.
  • Royal Palm Reserve: Take a walk along the wooden boardwalks in this beautiful 300-acre wildlife preserve where you might spot a large Jamaican crocodile.
  • Booby Cay: Book a charter to take you out to this small but beautiful island, located just off the coast of Negril.
  • Firefly: English writer Noel Coward made his home near Negril, which has now been converted to a museum about his life.
  • Rhodes Hall Plantation: Outside Negril, this former plantation is a great place to learn about Jamaica's colonial past, as well as a nice site for horseback riding.

Dive deep into island life with a spacious vacation rental in Negril, Jamaica. You can easily rent your own piece of paradise, an airy condo near Negril's Seven Mile Beach. Alternately, to soak up the island's unique natural environment, book a cozy cabin in the lush foliage near the shore. For true luxury, there are large mansions and beautiful villas along Negril's coastline, a great way to really get away from it all.