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Candidasa, Indonesia

With its own gorgeous fresh water lagoon and location at the foot of Bali’s highest mountain, Candidasa is pretty well spoiled when it comes to nature’s wonders. But an easy choice to make is choosing one of FlipKey’s properties - a rental is a home away from home when on vacation.

About Candidasa, Indonesia

Formerly a fishing village, Candidasa—like many Balinese towns—grew into a tourist resort in the 1970s. But unlike other areas, development ruined the beach by removing the local reef. This had acted as a coastal barrier protecting it. The result is no beach in this area remains, although there is a beautiful white stretch of sand and clear blue waters just 5km up the coast at Pasir Putih.

Due to its lack of beach, Candidasa is one of the less touristy destinations in Bali – which is something a certain type of traveler has come to prize it for. Indeed, its slow and quiet pace lends it a very tranquil air.

The town sits in the Karangasem district in the region of East Bali known as Bugbug. It's worth noting that when saying the name Candidasa to locals you should pronounce the start not with a hard 'C' but rather 'Ch.'

What to do in Candidasa

Just next door to Candidasa sits Tengnan. This traditional village retains the ancient Balinese culture of weaving and is famous for its ikat fabric Geringsing.

If you love the outdoors, you should climb Mount Agung. Sitting at 3142km above sea level, it makes an excellent trek. There are paths to the summit but also plenty of guides around.

It wouldn’t be Bali if you couldn’t go snorkeling or diving. A famous shipwreck sits on the ocean floor an hour away and there are amazing coral reefs at the Tepekong and Mimpang islands. There are also giant mantas at the appropriately-named Manta Point.

Travel 10km westwards to Goa Lawah temple which you'll find is also a bat cave. It’s said to guard the island against the possibility of evil spirits surfacing from the sea.

Tirta Gangga is a water palace belonging to the Royal Family and sitting 20 minutes’ drive from Candidasa. En-route you’ll spot some pretty spectacular paddy terraces, so the whole experience is well worth a visit.

Top travel tips for Candidasa

If you’re in the mood for some live music later at night, then visit the Legenda near the Lagoon. But be warned: bedtime in Candidasa is around 11pm as that's when the restaurants and pubs tend to close (we did mention it was quieter than other tourist resorts).

If you’re looking to buy some souvenirs to take home, then buy gifts from the many independent handicraft shops in the town. That way, you'll be supporting the local community.

You can drive to the town by hire car in 90 minutes from the airport. There are also Perama Shuttle Buses from the main towns and bemos from Batubulan terminal in Denpasar.

A quiet and geographically central base with which to explore the culture and activities in the east of the island, Candidasa escapes the typical tourist clichés. And yet, there are those amazing views across the Lombok Straits to the neighboring islands, beautifully warm weather and plenty of excellent open-air dining choices. It’s all waiting for you to explore… just as soon as you book your rental on FlipKey!