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About Delaware

Although the license plates proudly claim Delaware to be the "First State," there's a lot more to this charming corner of the northeast than its riveting past. The state's beaches are really what make it a compelling destination for travelers. With 28 miles of Atlantic coast that beckons to be lounged upon, Delaware offers a whole range of beachside properties. Rent a home near the Spring Break hub of the north at Dewey Beach or on quaint Fenwick Island. While travelers often overlook the second-smallest state, savvy vacationers know Delaware's ribboning beaches and eclectic towns make for a great getaway.

Be sure to check out these popular Delaware tourist attractions:

  • Rehoboth Beach: Home to what's touted as the best boardwalk in America, Rehoboth Beach is a slice of Atlantic paradise. Upbeat and lively, Rehoboth Beach is the perfect destination for Delaware-bound adventure seekers.
  • Bethany Beach: More serene and quiet than Rehoboth Beach, the surf and sand are yours to enjoy in calm Bethany Beach. This region is home to a vast array of wildlife, including sand sharks, horseshoe crabs and Canadian Geese.
  • Dover: Delaware's capital is large enough to offer all the comforts and luxuries of the country's cosmopolitan cities, yet maintains a quaint and historic small-town feel. Dover is also home to fascinating museums and galleries that chronicle the region's rich colonial history.
  • Wilmington: Home to Rodney Square and some of the state's most important historical sites and museums, Wilmington retains much of the scenic splendor and architectural wonder of its colonial days.
  • Fenwick Island: On a barrier island between the ocean and the bay that houses the majority of Delaware's beaches, Fenwick Island is a quiet respite, offering picturesque scenery, quiet cafes and a laid-back pace.

The most popular time of year to visit Delaware is in the summer, particularly July and August. Delaware campgrounds and beaches do get crowded during those months, though, so visiting earlier in the spring or after autumn has settled in can make for a more relaxing vacation. Delaware National Parks are also particularly scenic in the fall.

Renting a beach house or condo makes more sense than competing with the crowds for cramped, noisy hotel rooms. These vacation rentals offer more privacy, with many offering spectacular ocean panoramas.