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About Port Antonio

Miles away from Montego Bay and Negril, you will find a sleepy village at the foot of the Blue Mountains that goes by the name of Port Antonio. Favored by A-list celebrities, you too can vacation like a star by renting one of the many available properties on FlipKey. Browse the selection today and plan your perfect Caribbean getaway!

About Port Antonio, Jamaica

Located on Jamaica’s north coast, east of Ocho Rios, it’s easy to see why Port Antonio has become a secret getaway for royalty and stars across the globe.

With beautiful beaches—and the fact it takes a three-hour drive to get there from Kingston—Port Antonio has a colonial charm not found in other parts of the island.

You will not find any high-octane beach parties or locals trying to sell you their wares or hook you up with a tour. But you will find a laid-back place for travelers looking to escape the world.

Port Antonio nearly took off as a vacation destination after being discovered by Errol Flynn and his buddies back in the 1940s. This is a town where movie stars like Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, and Richard Burton used to arrive at by private yacht.

As the tourism pendulum swung west, Port Antonio went back to growing bananas and fishing but still remains a popular destination.

What to do in Port Antonio

What you will find in Port Antonio is what people like to call the real Jamaica. It’s the kind of place where you eat peas and rice rather than expensive imported food, and drink Red Stripe beer from the bottle rather than sipping a gin and tonic on a veranda.

Most people who visit Port Antonio do so because they just want to laze on a beach and go for the occasional swim. However, if you like to engage in other activities there are plenty of things to keep you busy.

Visit the Blue Lagoon—a spring-fed body of water where the warm Caribbean waters collide with cold natural spring waters. Depending on the amount of sunlight, the water changes color from an intoxicating green to a deep sapphire blue.

Have a local fisherman take you out for a day of snorkeling or fishing in his brightly colored wooden boat—that's a great day out!

Top travel tips for Port Antonio

With Caribbean temperatures hardly ever changing, the best time of year to visit Port Antonio is mid-November through December when airfares are low. Peak season is January through March with most of the rain falling during the summer—which is also when you may encounter a hurricane.

With slippery rocks around the beaches and jungle waterfalls, be sure to bring a pair of shoes that you can wear while in the water.

There’s no shortage of ways to enjoy eating like a local. You can sample the freshest of seafood, taste the spice of jerk chicken and the unusual flavours of curried goat with fruit and vegetables. Just the way Mother Jamaica intended them to be.

Port Antonio is perfect for solo travelers and families looking for a safe Caribbean vacation where they can relax while enjoying the white sandy beaches and warm gin-clear water of Jamaica. To find your slice of island paradise, browse all the rentals available on FlipKey. There’s something for your individual accommodation and budgeting needs.