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Rincon, a municipality of Puerto Rico, is situated in the Western Coastal Valley. With picture-perfect tropical scenery, Rincon provides travelers the ultimate beach getaway. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy many activities here including swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and sailing. This area is also known to contain many of the best surfing beaches in all of Puerto Rico. For nature lovers, the pristine environment that the city and its residents work hard to preserve results in some exquisite landscapes and waterways that feature a multitude of multicolored birds and fish. Whale-watching during the winter is also a popular pastime. The region offers plenty in terms of arts, culture, dining, and entertainment for visitors to enjoy as well.

Here are a few additional suggestions of things to do in Rincon:

  • The Boarding House Surf School: If you want to experience the amazing surfing opportunities in Rincon, this is the place to start.
  • Rincon Pottery: This working studio is located in Cruces, just outside of Rincon. Visitors can view pottery for sale and on display, as well as watch hand-building and wheel-throwing demonstrations.
  • The Higuero Lighthouse: Also known as the Rincon Lighthouse, this structure was constructed by the Spanish in 1892 and rebuilt with concrete after an earthquake weakened it in 1922. Today it sits atop a small park and features an exquisite view of Desecheo Island and the sea.
  • The Maritime Museum: This museum showcases platforms for spotting whales and dolphins. It is located in El Faro Park, a beautiful and scenic spot to take in all of Rincon's spectacular sunsets.
  • Tres Palmas Marine Reserve: This area features a coral beach and many tropical fish right off its shore. Farther out there are even more varieties of marine life, including amazing elk horn and brain coral. It is an ideal spot for snorkeling.
  • Sandy Beach: This spectacular beach showcases amazing waves for surfing and swimming. There are also plenty of spots that feature unique sea glass.

You can make yourself at home in paradise by booking a vacation rental for your visit. Rent a villa on the beach in the heart of exquisite island surroundings or a condo downtown in the center of all Rincon activity.