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Located in Southern Italy in the coastal area of Calabria, Tropea is a picture-perfect seaside town that features gorgeous blue waters and beautiful sandy beaches. Situated on a cliff above the Tyrrhenian Sea coast, Tropea is a town known for its history and famous folklore, which history buffs will find very intriguing. One legend claims that the ancient mythological hero Hercules actually founded Tropea. Though that legend is a bit larger than life, Tropea does feature an impressive amount of churches and noblemen's palaces for such a compact place. Those who are outdoor enthusiasts can go hiking and biking through the area's breathtaking surroundings or go swimming and boating in Tropea's waters.

Here are a few additional suggestions of things to do in Tropea:

  • Santa Maria dell'Isola: Also known as the Church of Holy Mary, this sanctuary is a religious site situated in the upper part of Tropea, overlooking the sea.
  • The Duomo: This is the town's Norman cathedral and one of the most fascinating structures in Tropea. It showcases unique architecture and is considered the historic center of town.
  • Museo Diocesano: This museum, also known as the Diocesan Museum, is located in the Bishop's Palace in the Palazzo Vescovile not far from the Duomo. It features religious art with highlights that include silver reliquaries and painted wooden statues.
  • Corso Vittorio Emmanuele: One of the main streets of Tropea, the Corso Vittorio Emmanuele contains several cafes, shops, and excellent restaurants. It is also a popular place to sit back, relax, enjoy a meal, take in the sights, and do a bit of people watching.
  • Tropea Beaches: This is a big draw for the town and what many travelers head here for. With spectacular views from sandstone cliffs and virtually unspoiled beaches, the area showcases soft, golden sands and powerful, inky blue waters. Because of this, residents have affectionately dubbed the area "the purple coast."
  • Aeolian Islands: While you are visiting these exquisite islands, it may be possible to also get a look at the eruptions of Stromboli, an active volcano in that area.

Tropea features gorgeous views no matter where your vacation rental is situated. With such spectacular surroundings, you are bound to fall in love with your home away from home whether you choose a villa near the city center or a condo on the beach.