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About Sapphire

A beautiful name for a beautiful destination, Sapphire in North Carolina is a fantastic vacation spot for those looking for a peaceful getaway.

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About Sapphire, North Carolina

Hidden in Transylvania County, Sapphire was originally a mining town. It’s now considered a hidden jewel of North Carolina – so, the name is strangely fitting.

One of the biggest draws to the area is the Sapphire Valley Ski Resort. There are some fantastic runs that will challenge most skiers, as well as a two-lane tube park called Frozen Falls. Why not come and check it out?

During the summer, there's plenty to do too. Explore the unspoiled forests by following hiking trails. You'll get to see the best views from up there.

This is an area of stunning natural beauty, with quaint log cabins and gorgeous town houses peppered along the mountain side.

This sleepy mountain retreat is famous for one thing other than outdoor pursuits – the Sapphire Mountain Brewing Company. Come and try some of the fantastic beers they have on tap.

What to do

Explore the outdoors when you come to visit Sapphire, North Carolina.

Take the half mile walk to viewing area at Whitewater Falls. It's a stunning waterfall – possibly the best in the state – that’s absolutely breathtaking.

No matter whether you come in winter to see the ice cascades, or in summer to see the rushing water, you'll be amazed at the view.

However, that's not the only waterfall, Head to Gorges State Park to find another. The park also has a lot to offer.

The new visitors’ center has exhibits about the area that are great for both adults and children. It can tell you the best places to go.

Follow trails through the forests and stay for a picnic – it's a great day out.

For something a little different, try one of the horseback riding trails. They’re great for all ages, but a bit of horse riding experience will help you on your way up the valley.

If you're a fan of golf, head to the Sapphire National Golf Club. It's a beautiful course with fantastic views, so take your time and enjoy looking out over the scenery.

Top Sapphire, North Carolina travel tips

There are concerts and events all year round held by the community, see what's on during your stay and get stuck in!

Buying a good pair of walking boots before your trip is a good idea. But, don't worry if yours aren't up to scratch, there are plenty of places in town to get a new pair.

For an outdoor adventure that isn't too fast-paced, come to Sapphire and enjoy the glorious views from your FlipKey vacation rental.