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Blizzard Internet Marketing Interviews FlipKey’s TJ Mahony

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Over the last few months, the FlipKey Blog has brought you a number of great interviews from vacation rental industry insiders. Blizzard Internet Marketing’s Carrie Hill recently decided it was time to turn the tables on us and conducted her own interview of TJ Mahony. In the interview TJ discusses topics such as our recent launch, how FlipKey is making a difference in the industry, and where he’s thinking about going for his next vacation.

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Sample Excerpt:
CH: How is the order of listing determined? I see you can sort by price, name and bedrooms – any chance of sorting by best reviews?

Order is determined by a ‘Reputation Score’. The Reputation Score is a combination of several factors, but the number of reviews associated with a property is the largest contributor.

For instance, we will rank a property with 5 reviews with an average score of 4 stars ahead of a property with only 2 reviews and an average score of 5 stars.

There are many factors involved in ‘Reputation’ and we have worked hard to develop a system that helps consumers find trusted vacation homes with reliable services. We’ll keep the full recipe to ourselves, but generally the Reputation Score reflects guests’ reviews of the home, a manager’s experience and the reliability of their services.

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