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Sunriver Local Expert Provides Insight on Vacation Rentals in Sunriver, OR

Area:  Vacation Rentals in Sunriver, Oregon

Expert: Robert W. Bennington

Years living in Sunriver: 10

Company:  Bennington Properties, LLC.

Robert, what makes Sunriver a great destination to visit and rent a vacation rental?

Central Oregon as a whole is considered one of the top Outdoor Meccas of the world and Sunriver sits right in the middle of it all.  Surrounded by 1.6 million acres of National Forest you would be hard pressed to find a resort with more places to “get away from it all” than Sunriver.  The Deschutes River runs right through Sunriver sporting world famous trout fishing and white water rafting.  A 20-minute drive takes you to the top of Mt Bachelor Ski Resort where, depending on the season, you can choose to downhill ski, cross country ski, mountain bike, or enjoy world class dining and sight seeing.  Want to enjoy a night on the town? Visit our little city in the woods (Bend, Oregon) just 18 miles away that plays host to a plethora of restaurants and activities to fill your evenings with.

What are the top things to do (attractions, activities, events, etc.) in the area?  Are there any hidden gems that people may not be aware of?

Even with the seemingly infinite number of activities to enjoy here in Sunriver (everything from rock climbing to jet skiing) our restort’s greatest assests are truly the peaceful, family friendly amenities that are available.  With over 30 miles of paved bike trails that wind around the resort, families of all sizes and ages can enjoy an active day out.  Central Oregon boasts over 20 premier golf courses, 4 of which are right here in Sunriver.  We are also home to over 100 trail horses that love to take riders (beginners and experienced) exploring into the mountains.

What are the top 5 ‘must-try’ restaurants in the area?

What is so incredible about Sunriver is we attract every age and class of visitor.  So whether your needs require a romantic evening for two, or a table for 16 (with 6 high chairs) Sunriver has it all.   Our all time favorite restaurant that is both romantic and family friendly is the Trout House.  This beautiful restaurant sits on the Deschutes River, with views of the river from every table.  An incredible collection of culinary genius will greet your palette with every bite.  A focus mostly on local “seafood” (everything from salmon and trout to clams) with a wide selection of entrees for the “land” loving food critics in the family.

We also recommend the following must try restaurants in Sunriver:

2.Café Sintra (for the Portuguese in you)

3. Village Bar and Grill (good ol’ American burger and fries)

4.Blondies Pizza (can’t beat this when you have a inkling for pizza)

5. The Meadows Restaurant (the view is incredible)

What popular entertainment/nightlife options in the area would you recommend?

For night life most of our guests prefer cuddling up to a roaring fireplace in their vacation home of choice, but for those that want an escape from the house, we recommend the “Owls Nest” at the lodge for cocktails.  Or if selection is what you want, a short drive to Bend will open your possibilities to a selection of clubs, restaurants, plays, concerts, or an evening at the movies.

You rent homes to hundreds of guests each year….so you must have a funny story or two about people that visit Sunriver.

We have every kind of story imaginable, but one of the funniest was a family that was staying in one of our non-pet friendly homes.  At about 11:00 am on the day this family was supposed to be checking out, we received a frantic call from the guests saying that they could not find their dog.  “Your dog” we asked, perplexed why this family had brought their dog to a home they knew was not dog friendly.  “Oh don’t worry, said the guest, we never allowed our dog in the home, she always stayed in her kennel in our car.”  Well after several hours of searching Sunriver, the guests were unable to find their dog and had to leave to head back home.  Later that day when our housekeepers arrived at the house they found a cute little fluffy white dog curled up on the king sized master bed.  She must have had enough of sleeping in a kennel and decided to hide in the house until she knew it was safe to come out and enjoy her rightful place on the bed.  I wish I had a picture of that little princess enjoying her well deserved vacation in Sunriver – a perfect image of what it means to be on vacation in Sunriver.