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Stand Out Amongst the Competition: Baby Proof Your Vacation Rental

When planning a vacation with an infant or toddler, young families are often faced with limited lodging options due to the special needs of their little ones. Not being able to travel with all the necessities that babies require significantly restricts travel lodging options. By keeping a supply of baby proof materials on hand, you can help make the choice for traveling families.

This FlipKey Aruba Cottage Rental has the right idea. Check out this excerpt from their listing details “For younger guests: a wide selection of toys, baby crib, toddler bed, bed rails, bouncer, changing table, high chair, soft floor mat, playpen, car seats and beach-proof stroller” [are available]. With such a vast array of baby proof amenities, this property is a no brainer for a young family with infants and/ or toddlers.

Consider having the following on hand at your rental property so that any young couple could instantly feel safe letting their little one crawl around while they kick their feet up and enjoy their vacation.

1) Baby gates. Supply enough baby gates to block each set of stairs. This will not only protect any children from having a dangerous fall but will also put any visiting parents’ mind at ease.

2) Cabinet locks. Curious kids love to climb in cabinets and create potentially catastrophic messes. By providing temporary cabinet guards for bathrooms and the kitchen, you will keep the kids out of dangerous nooks.

3) Table Edge Guards. Keep a healthy supply of corner guards handy so parents can line sharp furniture edges in rooms where their kids will be. Cover pointed corners in the living room and kitchen area so that high traffic areas are less likely to see any accidents.

4) Outlet Caps. It’s amazing what toddlers can find to stuff into plugs. Protect not only a precious child but also the circuitry of your house by having a healthy supply of these outlet caps on hand.

5) Crib or bed railings. When traveling, most people cannot manage to bring a crib on top of all of their vacation supplies. Help ease your guest’s worries by providing a crib or bed railings. This will go far in the eyes of a visiting parent.

6) Changing Table. Your guests will appreciate this safe haven to lay their precious cargo down. Not only does it safe guard wiggly tots, but it also protects your furniture from abuse.

7) High Chair. A perk of staying in a vacation home is the ability to cook meals at home. By providing a high chair, you’re reinforcing the fact that vacation homes (especially yours!) are a huge comfort.

8 ) Knob Covers. Provide a handful of knob covers so that little ones won’t find their way into places they shouldn’t be, allowing your guests to rest at ease.

9) Twist Ties. Kiddies love to yank on anything hanging. By tying electrical cords into neat bundles and placing window cords out of reach, you’ll guarantee that toddlers stay safe

10) Child Toys. Ensure your guests have ultimate relaxation by providing a handful of child toys, books and movies. This will not only occupy the tiny tot but allow the adults time to unwind.