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FlipKey’s Top 5 Inexpensive Vacation Rentals

With the economy starting to make a slow recovery, the smartest travelers are taking advantage of what’s likely to be one of the last waves of recession-inspired travel deals and promotions. With our saving savvy travelers in mind, we’ve compiled a list of FlipKey’s top 5 bargain vacation rentals. We were pretty surprised with what we found, from the shores of North Carolina to Italian castles, a small budget can stretch around the world!

Best FlipKey Bargains:

1) “Akbuk Apartment,” Akbuk, Turkey: Experience an exotic culture without spending a fortune. This 6 person home will run you about $21 per night. Close to the shores of the Aegean Sea, this home will offer you sandy beaches to relax on and exciting adventures to encounter, with none of that buyer’s remorse.

2) “Hillcrest Holiday Apartment,” Jeffreys Bay, South Africa:This African gem is one of the least expensive deals out there, at $210 per week. Overlooking the warm waters of the Southern Ocean, this house offers one of the most unique experiences at a most affordable price.

3) “La Castellana,” Tuscany, Italy: Who says you can’t live like a king on a minimal budget? Not the people at La Castellana, who rent their 2 person apartment situated in the Castle of Orciatico for only $35 a night. Located in the heart of Tuscany, this 7th century apartment is sure to be a royal vacation.

4) “Egyptian Experience,” Sinai, Egypt: For the group looking to change things up a bit, this apartment located on the Red Sea is your answer. For $250 a week you can enjoy views of both the Sinai desert and the sea from your balcony. Walk the ancient sands and experience what is often considered the cradle of civilization to get a taste of adventure.

5) “Conched Out Apt,” Emerald Island, NC: For a mere $50 a night or $200a week, this quaint rental sleeps four comfortably and is located on one of the hottest destinations on the east coast: the Carolinian shore. Perfect for the cost conscious!