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Tips and Tricks to Ensure a Happy Vacation Rental Guest

While preparing for incoming guests can be a challenging facet of being a property manager or owner, it is a most essential aspect in ensuring happy guests.  Since every vacation rental owner or property manager aspires to having consistently satisfied guests, we’ve complied a list of the little things that you can do to make a world of a difference in your guests’ stay.

1. Keep a bookshelf of a few of your favorite books, including a travel guide to the area, your guests will appreciate the selection of books in case they forgot their beach read.

2. Put a bouquet of fresh flowers in the entranceway, not only will it be a colorful surprise when they first enter your home, but it will add a fragrant aroma to your property.

3. Leave them a welcome basket of local foods, wines, slippers, a deck of card.  Your guests will feel welcome and more at home with this cozy selection of treats.

4. Keep a stash of board games. Vacation is synonymous with games, especially for families and big groups.

5. Leave your guests a list of your favorite places in the area – include restaurants, beaches, trails, the local watering hole, anywhere that you particularly love.

6. Putting air fresheners in bathrooms and living areas will keep your place smelling fresh and your guests pleasantly content.

7. Put hangers in closets. The first thing many travelers do is unpack their clothes and ‘move in,’ they will certainly appreciate the hanging space.

8. Make sure each room has a bedside alarm clock. Guests love to seize the day when on vacation, an alarm clock will go far.

9. Include extra blankets in bedrooms and the living room.  Regardless of whether your vacation rental is a snowy cabin retreat or beach side paradise, people love to snuggle up at night with extra blankets.

10. For guests with children, provide a small collection of children’s games, DVDs and coloring books.  For the traveling family, this supply of children’s goodies will help the adults enjoy some peace while keeping the kids entertained.

11. Provide a map of the area.  This will help orient your guests with the neighborhood and give them ideas on what to do during the day.

12. Leave out Mini-toiletries in the bathroom.  With airline restrictions, many guests can’t manage (or simply forget) to bring shampoo and toothpaste.  By leaving a few bathroom supplies, guests will feel welcome (and clean)!

13. Provide a basket of coffee and tea.  Keep a can of coffee in the freezer and a few flavors of tea in the cupboard.  Many guests love to wake up to a cup of Joe and often forget to bring along their favorite roast.