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Dining In: Hire a Personal Chef to Prepare the Perfect Meal

Whether you’re hosting a holiday feast for twenty or enjoying a candle-lit dinner for two, eating well is always a key concern on vacation. Wouldn’t it be nice to go away for a week and not have to spend any time planning, shopping, or cooking? You could always eat out, but why not put your rental home’s amenities to good use by enjoying chef-prepared in-home dining without having to chop a vegetable or wash a pot yourself?

Once the exclusive luxury of the wealthy elite, personal chefs and home-catering services are now more accessible than ever. For the same cost as a restaurant meal, a professional chef will work with you to tailor a menu to your taste, do all of the shopping, and come to your kitchen to prepare a five-star meal for you to enjoy in your own dining room. Sound impossible? With companies like Simplicity Chef in Boston, it couldn’t be easier. Simplicity Chef’s Joe Letteri will create a four-course meal in your home starting at only $85 per person. Most in-home chefs cater their menus and ingredients to your preferences and budget, so don’t be afraid to set limits and hire a cook on your own terms.

If you love eating at home on vacation, but don’t want to have a cook in your house everyday, then you can also explore the option of hiring a chef to prepare multiple meals in advance. Services such as In-Home Dining by Marie design menus, do the shopping, and create a week’s worth of meals that you can store in your kitchen. To keep things free and easy, they even provide detailed instructions for heating everything on your own.

Along with the comfort of staying in a vacation rental home, one of the pleasures of traveling is discovering the local cuisine. A trip to Paris would be incomplete without fresh croissants and café au lait in the morning and a perfect steak au poivre at night. Try enhancing these luxuries by savoring them at your own table—away from pushy waiters and menus that require translation. You can enjoy bespoke Michelin-star quality dining in the City of Lights for as little as 80 Euros with Les Diners d’Eloise. Foodies who want to bring the joy of cooking back to their home can also consider hiring a local chef to teach a private cooking class. In many areas, cooking classes turn into days of discovery as you explore the city—searching for ingredients in local markets and learning about the dishes and culinary culture of your home away from home.
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So next time you go away, spice things up while taking a break from cooking. Remember that you can bring great dining home without any hassle. Just make sure to do some planning in advance: even a table for two in your vacation rental home may require reservations if the chef is in high demand!