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You rented a vacation home to take a break and relax, and you don’t want to spend a second of downtime doing the chores, like grocery shopping, that take up too much of your time when not on vacation. Still, your rental home has a great kitchen, and you don’t want to eat in restaurants every night anyway. How can you take advantage of your vacation home without stressing about shopping or breaking the bank? Try a concierge shopping service.

Concierge grocery services send real shoppers to hand pick the products that you want. Some rental properties are part of associations that share concierge services like shopping, but you can find experienced shopping services for almost any destination on the Internet. Online grocery services such as Peapod.com, Amazon Fresh, and the Grocery Girls work with local markets to provide customers fresh, high-quality ingredients. No matter what service you choose, the process is more or less the same: sign in, create an online grocery list, and then relax—a professional shopper will do the rest. Now you can cross shopping off your to-do list and get back to the important business of enjoying your vacation.