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Often times at FlipKey when we speak with new owners, the first thing they’ll ask is Why FlipKey? Owners come to us through various channels, but all of them share the common curiosity about what we do, and why we think we do it the best. So I’m here to tell you!

First and foremost, renting your vacation property can be extremely lucrative – in fact, studies have shown that owners of vacation rental properties can gross $20,000-$30,000 or more each year. The minimal cost of listing with a company like FlipKey can help you earn huge returns. And that’s just the beginning of the benefits you’ll receive.

One of the biggest advantages of listing with FlipKey is our association with TripAdvisor. When FlipKey and TripAdvisor combine our resources, we create the world’s largest online travel community. FlipKey is one of the fastest growing travel websites around today, and TripAdvisor currently stands as the most popular travel website in the world. Together, we bring you 25 million unique visitors a month! That’s 25 million different sets of eyes visiting our websites each month. Think about how huge that impact is – we’re pretty proud of that statistic! We also boast an average of 75 inquiries per listing per year, and that number is only growing.

When you create a property listing on FlipKey, you are automatically listed on eight websites. These include FlipKey and TripAdvisor of course, and then some of TripAdvisor’s international websites listed below:

The variety of international websites where your property will be listed offer the most diverse international exposure available.

In addition to that impressive reach, we’re lucky to have a fantastic staff of motivated and enthusiastic individuals. Since we love what we do, it shows in everything we touch. Our Customer Care team is friendly, knowledgeable and accessible, and can offer a wide variety of tips and tricks to owners on how to maximize their listings and get the most out of their FlipKey account. We have dedicated account representatives who can walk you through each individual listing, and offer feedback on ways to make it a complete success.

As if our far reach and outstanding customer service weren’t enough, we also offer a 60-day free trial to all new owners. After the trial, you’ll find our pricing to be extremely competitive when stacked up against the competition. We offer monthly and yearly billing options, as well as impressive discounts for owners with multiple properties. And we’ll never charge you for the “extras” – you pay one low fee, and get everything we’ve got to give! Photos are unlimited, and paying customers can feature Specials on their properties for no extra charge.

The moral of the story is, Why Not Flipkey? We offer all of the best at a competitive price, and continue to get better and better every single day.

Taryn Collins is a FlipKey owner services specialist and vacation rental marketing expert. Her bi-weekly blog, Ask FlipKey, aims to answer the difficult questions that vacation rental owners and managers ask every day. Submit your questions in the comments!