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Beach Coding image via Balsamiq Blog

Do you love writing code and going on vacations? How about developing a website that makes it easy to go on vacation?

FlipKey is looking for new software engineering and web development talent, and we want you to apply. Working at FlipKey is pretty sweet, but we’ll be the first to admit that traveling is sweeter. We will provide a no-strings-attached weeklong stay in the vacation home of choice listed on FlipKey.com to all new junior and senior engineers.

FlipKey features a near endless selection of over 100,000 vacation homes around the world including Obama’s Hawaii Winter Whitehouse, MTV’s Key West Real World House, a Modern Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse in Costa Rica, and Frodo’s Hobbit Hut.

To apply, forget everything you know about traditional job applications. Simply send us an email with the following information:

  • Your resume
  • The house you would like to stay in
  • Explanation of why you chose it
  • One thing about the site that you’d recommend improving or building

Those hired will get to stay in their vacation rental of choice for a week. Free. No restrictions.

“We come to work every day seeking ways to make it easier for travelers to find and book the perfect vacation rental,” said FlipKey co-Founder and CEO TJ Mahony. “We hope people have fun hunting down the perfect vacation home and we look forward to sending them there after they are hired.”