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So far on Ask FlipKey, I’ve covered lots of topics pertinent to the maintenance and success of your FlipKey property listing – everything from Collecting Guest Reviews, to accurately Mapping your property, to entering Rates and Availability information to keep guests up-to-date and informed. These are the big players in determining how successful your listing will be with FlipKey, but often times people ask what else they can do to make their listing “pop.” Below, I’ll outline five quick and easy changes you can make today, so that your property performs to it’s absolute best tomorrow, the day after, and for years into the future.


1. Listing title
When creating your listing, the first thing you need to think about is the title on your property listing page. With so many property listings on FlipKey, it is important to get creative when showcasing your property, so in a sea of listings a traveler has a reason to choose your property over all the others.  Something simple like “Boston Vacation Home” is boring and not informative, but something like “Chic Boston waterfront, accessible 2-bedroom near attractions” is a catchy title that highlights your property features in only 7 words! Pick and choose you words wisely, and if you’re stuck, look at other listings for inspiration.

2. Essential photos
When adding photos – be sure to have a sufficient number (we recommend at least 8), including the “essential” views. The essentials include exterior photos of the home and any outdoor space (yards, picturesque views, etc.), as well as interior photos of the main living spaces (bedrooms, bathrooms, living/dining rooms, kitchen). These photographs combined with a shining property description will really help tell a story of your property to potential guests, and will help them determine whether they’d like to stay in your home or not.

3. Property description
Another one of the most important components to include is a passionate property description. Before a traveler ever arrives at your home, all they have to go on is what you give them, so you have to make the words you use count! Don’t overwhelm guests with every single detail about your property – give them the highlights, pointing out anything unique or different, and offer to fill them in further should they inquire about a booking.

4. Amenities
Make sure that you are comprehensive when checking the “Amenities” check boxes in your listing description – here you can tell guests everything from what types of scenery they can expect, to the types of “extra’s” your property offers (like a pool table or in-ground swimming pool). After they’ve gotten a feel for your property through your description and pictures, these additions are just the icing on the cake.

5. Other channels
There are also a few things you can do that aren’t FlipKey-related that can increase the exposure that your property gets to potential renters. Things like advertising through your local visitors and tourism bureau, and creating your own website can drive a lot of interest to your property, and that’s interest that you couldn’t necessarily attract online.

With a combination of a few simple online and offline marketing tactics, there is the potential to see a large growth in interest for your property, and increased interest can only mean one thing: increased bookings.