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Haunted Halloween Vacations

PumpKeyAs the autumn months approach, we are reminded of an array of fall traditions. The leaves turning colors and collecting on the ground, wearing warmer and cozier clothes, carving pumpkins into intricate displays, and of course, Halloween. These cooler months not only offer a change of pace for your everyday life, they also offer a change of pace for your vacations. Instead of heading to the beach, going camping, or hitting the national parks as per typical family vacay, a different time of year offers up entirely new ways to enjoy yourself. Why not start by embracing the eeriest time of year?

Whether or not you’re a believer in all that is macabre, a haunted Halloween vacation is a spooky and alternative way to spend the holiday or at least get geared up for mask-donning children knocking on your door. Take a leap into the fall spirit by going on one of these thrill-producing trips this October.

Research your favorite scary movies

Are any of your beloved scary hits based on a true story? Where did they take place? Oftentimes former movie locations will offer tours of the grounds, including any inside info to the place’s past or its ghosts’ histories. One of the most celebrated horror stories, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, is still recognized every year in its namesake’s town. Visitors can take tours of both the church from the story, and the cemetery in which many historical figures are buried. Or they can go on the town’s haunted hayride, a frightening trek that is sure to make Washington Irving himself cringe.

Amusement parks are more than rides

Although a strong summer staple, amusement parks are no stranger when it comes to celebrating Halloween. In fact, many of them make it a yearly event, bringing in costumed employees, themed concessions, and elaborate haunted houses. Disney‘s parks have a kid-friendly Halloween celebration every year called Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. But for those looking for more of a thrill, there are plenty of vexing options as well. Kansas City’s Worlds of Fun opens its doors to a Halloween-loving crowd every fall. Six Flags holds an annual Fright Fest each year, Seaworld holds a Halloween Spooktacular, and Universal Studios hosts Halloween Horror Nights, starting in late September. These destinations offer up holiday fun that will thrill even without the rides!

Town histories remembered

While some events may be remembered as a cruel or misunderstood part of American history, many have taken advantage of their haunted histories, creating parades and annual get togethers. After all, Halloween is the perfect time of year to celebrate the unknown. For example, each October in Salem, MA, Citizens and travelers gather to partake in a town festival including witch trial reenactments, tours of the Haunted Witch Village and Frankenstein’s laboratory, and psychic readings. New York City hosts the world’s largest All Hallow’s Eve celebration with their annual parade in the village. Philadelphia opens up its penitentiary for the fall where guests can encounter former prisoners first-hand. And Tombstone, AZ Provides spooky activities to its guests year-round. Home to famous shootouts, the town is home to several haunted historical buildings. You can even learn about the spirits who haunt them in the town’s museum.

Can’t get enough of your Halloween vacation? Visit your local museum or historical society to learn about hauntings that may be nearer than you think.

This fall, consider taking a haunted Halloween trip to get you in the ghouling spirit. Give the bewitching season the attention it deserves with this Halloween treat.