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Travelers: How to Write a Thank You Note After Your Vacation Rental Stay

by Dana Giusti

You’ve just returned home after spending a wonderful time at a fabulous FlipKey rental. You want to express your gratitude, but you’re unsure of how to best articulate it. What to do?

It’s always a great idea to send a thank-you note to show appreciation for being included in the trip. Here are a few different thank-you ideas for a variety of situations:

A developing relationship

It’s best to send a warm yet formal note to people you’re building a relationship with, such as new in-laws or co-workers. Begin by mentioning how much you appreciate having been included in their special trip, as well as your enthusiasm in getting to know them better. It’s also a good idea to include specific details about what you enjoyed about the vacation. Be sure to restate your gratitude in the closing lines.


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,

Thank you very much for including me in your trip to Keystone. It was wonderful having the opportunity to get to know each other better. I know Mr. Smith and I will be rooting for the Yankees together come springtime!

I’d also like to mention how you couldn’t have picked a better condo rental – how amazing was the living room fireplace? I loved sitting by the fire with my mug of hot chocolate each night after dinner.

Again, thank you very much. John and I are looking forward to creating many more memories with you both.



Family members

You can be a little less formal in a thank-you to your own family members. Focus on your appreciation for the opportunity to strengthen familial bonds.


Dear Aunt Kate,

Thank you for having Tom, the kids, and myself at your Lakeview condo. It was so nice bringing the family together at such a beautiful location. I know the children will cherish the memories we created. Cindy is already asking when we can return so she can build more sand castles with you!

Thank you again for having us. I look forward to planning more get-togethers in the near future.




Again, you can be less formal in a note to a close friend. It’s always nice to emphasize your gratitude for everyone coming together despite obstacles like busy schedules and different locations.


Dear Joe,

Thank you for organizing the weekend getaway at your Poconos cabin. What a great idea to get the gang together for skiing, sledding, and wine-tasting! It’s so great that everyone was excited to take time out to get together and hang out, just like the old days.

Thanks again for bringing us all together again. It would be amazing if we could make this an annual event.

All the Best,


The recipient will appreciate the time you took to write a personal note. Who knows—it may even guarantee another invite!

Dana is a contributing writer for Flipkey.com.